Arne and Carlos and Diva Challenge

Last night I went to Knitter's Guild where the AMAZING Arne and Carlos spoke. I had wanted to take their Christmas ornament class on Sunday at The Sow's Ear  but I had to work. They couldn't have been more engaging, funny speakers and were very friendly to everyone. They live in an old train station built in 1900 in the mountains of Norway outside Oslo. They've fixed it up to be truly lovely and even landscaped it with gardens that no one though possible at the elevation where they live.  They have been fashion designers and now concentrate on knitting pattern books using traditional Norwegian patterns with a twist. I got both of my books, one on Christmas balls and one on knitted dolls, signed and had SUCH a great time. (I also learned a very important fact. It's pronounced E-kea not I-kea. They should know!)

I didn't get home until 9PM and had chores to do, but I was so reved up after the meeting and anxious to start this week's Diva Challenge that I ditched the chores and started right in!  Now you all know where my priorities lie!  The challenge is to use the tangle 'Cadent'.  Cadent is what I consider a 'staple' pattern; one of the ones I use most from my arsenal because it's just so versatile.  The challenge said that it didn't have to be a other words you didn't have to use just Cadent but I did...aside from the embellishments.
I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing, enjoyable evening that visiting with knit friends, listening to great speakers, learning new things and tangling.  I'll try to remember that tonight when I have double the chores!


ledenzer said…
Cadent within cadent is an impressive way to give cadent a beautiful stage and fabulous zia!
Susan said…
I love what you have done with Cadent here (and the delightful dangles)!
Sara said…
It was great to see you! And yes, the evening was amazing! I can't wait to start on my dolls!
deborahinwi said…
wonderful! luv all the little danglies!
Dianne said…
Fantastic whimsical tile! I love the dragonflies:)
Amma said…
Great tile and ilove your embellishments!
Anonymous said…
I really like this tile; you did a great job!

Annemarie Hujts

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