Happy 100th Birthday, Grammie!

March 10th was my Grammie Mildred's 100th birthday! This factoid kinda blows my mind....a little over a month after she was born, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. But I'm pretty sure it was just a coincidence. 

Grammie fell in November.   She has taken a lot of spills in the past few years but usually 'bounces' so aside from some soreness and bruising...she is a world champion bruiser....she usually emerges pretty much unscathed.  Not this time. She broke her hip.  They patched her up with some bionic parts and sent her to rehab at a nursing home about 30 minutes from where my Mum lives. They didn't feel like she'd recover enough to go back to the apartment where she has lived alone for the last 9 years. There was even some question as to whether she would walk again, but by January, they said that she COULD go home... if she wanted to. She had rehabbed herself back to walking with her walker! She mulled the idea over for a while and was kind of thinking that she would go home and then she took a mini fall at the nursing home and it scared her enough to decide that maybe having folks around all the time in case she fell again wasn't a bad idea.

She was doing so well, that they moved her from the intensive care of the 'nursing home' wing into the 'Madigan House' wing where the folks can pretty much take care of themselves. She hadn't been there long when she fell again, this time landing on her face and breaking her wrist.  I sure liked it better when she used to  'bounce'. But they patched her up again and she is healing up in fine shape and likes her new roommate and living situation.

Mum and I went to Madigan House early and decorated the rec room for the 2 PM party...
These are the flowers that my brother and his family sent. Grammie LOVES pink so they were very appropriate and took a place of honor on the table.
There were balloons and banner and streamers.
Her table was all decked out with the cake and a card basket.  She even got a card from a Maine state senator and from President and Mrs. Obama.
Grammie's pretty pink cake.

The birthday girl, all tricked out in her cast and the corsage our church gave her.

Family members I had never met from both Grammmie's side (the Camerons) and Poppie's  (The Kennards)  came from Up nCountry to the party. Friends from church, friends from town, all showed up to visit and have some yummy cake, ice cream and punch. Grammie was such a social butterfly I don't even think she got to finish her piece of cake!  She was pretty exhausted, but in a good way when we left.  I wonder how we are going to top this one for her 101st?!


Sara said…
What a great story! Grammy looks so pretty along with all of the pink party things.
Barb said…
What a beautiful lady!!! Sounds like she is pretty tough, too. So glad you could be there to celebrate with her. Love the pink. :O)
Lisa/knitnzu said…
We might be related! DH is a Cameron, but from PA. Is your mom french or english? Probably related to you through her someplace too... hahahahaha