Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thor: Overseeer of All

Yowza! How 'bout them holidays, huh? I haven't posted in...like... forever it seems. Nothing outstandingly exceptional happening, just lots of little stuff. I took some pics for you.
Now that the girls have opened them, I can show you the headbands I knit them for Christmas.
Their high school colors are orange white, and black  I think.  And now I've dug out the Irish Cable (Alice Starmore-St Enda) sweater I've been working on for two years and am determined to finish it before St. Valentines Day.  So SEE! There HAS been knitting!

I've also been drawing since another goal is to have my Etsy Shop up and running in the next couple of weeks or so.  Here is the piece I did last weekend:


But I will be concentrating mostly on the more saleable bags, note cards, bookmarks and jewelry on my shop site. Maybe I will add prints of the larger pieces once I figure out how to do that.

Glass Pendants

I worked every day of my Christmas break at the farm since I couldn't get home to Maine this year and volunteers who live around here have families and stuff.
It wasn't hard to go every day since Santa brought us this little present.  This is 4 week old Tobias Valentino (Valentino for the heart on the top of his head and forehead.)  He had a rope halter put on when he was very small and then not removed as he grew so it cut into his skin. That's what the scar is about between his eyes. He eats from a huge baby bottle and loves to jump around and play. Then when he gets tired, he snuggles and suckles and kisses. What a sweetie! Nope it wasn't hard to go in at all...in fact, it was difficult to leave him.

I was putting feed hay out in the back enclosure so that I could let the llamas outside on Sunday. There is no grass in the pasture now that it's winter so we put 3-4 pats out and scatter it around for them. I felt like I was being watched. There is a hunter guy that roams the fields a lot and I thought it was him...I looked all around and nothing....and yet....I still had that weird feeling. It wasn't until I finished with the hay, was brushing off my jacket and turning to go inside that I realized who my supervisor was;Thor...watching me from the plastic- covered, barn window to make sure I got every last piece of hay off my jacket and into his pasture for him  to eat.  All I could think of was that 'Weet, weet, weet' suspenseful sound/music things that they put in movies.  You know...like when you're going to get stabbed while you're in the shower....


I hope you all had as wonderful, peaceful and gratitude-filled, Christmas break, as I did, and that you are looking forward to welcoming in 2012 next weekend! Happy Holidays!

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Shiela said...

I must add that the girls look absolutely darling in their headbands!

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