Friday, December 30, 2011

Anna and Cherish Update

Hold on to your hats, People! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be back in the saddle with blog posting!

Today's entry is a little update on Cherish and Anna. These two came to us suffering from SEVERE neglect. Cherish, the horse, had broken her hip  and been discarded and nearly starved to death. Anna the mule was also starving, on top of being kept in a too small enclosure that wasn't tall enough for her to fully lift her head . She had never had her hooves trimmed so they laid out on the ground in front of her feet about  8-6 inches, impeding her ability to walk correctly. They were both covered with sores and infested with parasites. They were both about as big a train wreck as you could get and still be alive.  But look at them now!
 Anna's hooves were trimmed back much more quickly that was originally thought possible and her legs are getting stronger every day. After slowly being reintroduced to food, they both have gained weight and have been given the meds they need for parasites and pain.
 You looking at me??!?!?
 You looking at ME!!!!!???
I think Anna looks just like a female moose in the face.  But she is 100% mule and then some lemme tell ya! She's the epitome of stubborn  and not above kicking and biting to get what she wants.  In fact, in my experience, she would just as soon bite you as look at you if you are just standing in her general vicinity, but if you give her an apple slice, you can put your whole arm in her mouth up to your shoulder and she does this 'rubber lip' thing like she would never dream of biting you. After starving for so long, both girls are VERY food oriented. It's not that Anna's mean.  She's just a mule. And if I had been through what she's been through, I'd be standing up for myself too! You just have to care for her with that understanding or you could end up getting hurt. Hopefully as she continues to learn about the people who care for her and trust us more, she will calm down a bit.
Cherish's pretty blond mane was originally braided to keep it out of the open wounds on her neck but I think it's a good look for her!  She still has a significant amount of rain rot, which is a fungal skin infection from not being kept dry, but it's slowly clearing up . She is a beautiful girl; very gentle and loving.

I so admire this pair. They embody the true meaning of survival. They are the essence of what Heartland Farm Sanctuary is all about !


MadCityMike said...

A wonderful and positive post as we near the end of the year! May the new year bring them full health and happiness.....and also to you!

Don Hudson said...

Melinda, I don't think I can tell you how much I admire and love HFS. Cherish and Anna are certainly the stars right now along with Tobias. I make it a point to go to the barn as often as I can just to be around the animals for awhile. Anna has never bitten or kicked me. Instead she comes, almost running, sticks her nose in my face and then rests her head on my shoulder. Some of the best therapy I've ever had.
Tobias is such a hoot. He jumps so all 4 feet are off the ground at the same time. Then he sucks on my finger or chews on my boot. He is so care free and and happy.
And then there is Cherish. I wish I were a "horse whisperer" so that I could make her feel even more loved. She is so tiny and so beautiful. Mary and I are going to pledge some money to go specifically to her care.
My New year's wish is for a larger, permanet facility for our animals. Even Eddie! Despite being so surly, how can you not love him?

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