Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas! May The Force Be With You

We are having a snowflake decorating thing going on at work.  The first one I made was a seahorse. I saw one out on the web but didn't like the clunky seahorse design so I designed my own.  Encouraged I made an octopus one...and mistakenly cut it's head off thus turning the hose on my desire to spend too much more time designing my own.

 So I hauled these out. I have been holding on these templates because I absolutely abhor all things Star Wars (No offence George Lucas; it has absolutely nothing to do with you or your stories).  A lot of my  friends don't, feel similarly, I thought I'd make them for their amusement. 


Some Kinda Trooper-not Storm
Storm Troopers

I have no idea WTH this thing is!

Merry Christmas, you I wish!


Sue Clark said...

What fun...these are really cute!

Sara said...

What fun! We never made any snowflakes like these in kindergarten!

C. said...

I <3 your snowflakes!

kevin riches said...

I really love these star wars snowflake patterns as I am in a star wars uk club costume group - a charity group collecting for many different charities I would love to be able to make these and so would many others I can bet, it would be great if you still had the templates so others could make them as ive never seen anything so good as those before