Monday, December 05, 2011

Chrismas Season Has Begun!

The Christmas Season kicked off in a big way this week. My cards were done, most of my shopping is done, now is the time to enjoy all that the holiday has to offer. On Saturday night I got all tarted up and we went to the Promega Christmas Party:

We had a lovely dinner, played blackjack and listened to music until Midnight. Didn't win any 'major awards' but has a wonderful time.  Steve is such a sweet guy. Handsome too! Winning!

Sunday afternoon was time for my favorite Midwest holiday tradition....Caroling in the Caves at Mt. Horeb's Cave of the Mounds.  There's seating for about 50 people per concert inside the first cavern of the cave. This year they put candles everywhere. It was really beautiful and the acoustics are amazing.

 Beautiful light in the darkness...
 Reminds me of religious grotto's I've visited.

 Candles and Christmas lights up the stairs

The singers stand on the stairs.  This year's group was 'Tangled Up In Blue' a women's a capella band from the UW.  They only sang 2 Christmas songs, but all of the other songs they sang were so  beautiful, I didn't mind. Those little ladies have some pipes, that's for sure!

Hard to believe all of that was going on under this pastoral scene no?

I hope you all take time to do things during the next few busy weeks that make you happy !
Happy Christmas Season All!


MadCityMike said...

I've GOT to get out to the caves someday.......

Sara said...

It looks like it was an amazing day for you. I, myself, don't like being underground, only visited the caves and a couple of mines with my kids when they were growing up. Christmas music just warms me up all over, though!

Anonymous said...

I wish everyone could find the joy in all the things like you do.

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