Thursday, January 13, 2011

This One's For You Nanc!

(Friend Nancy asked me to post a pic of the cable sweater that I'm working on. She's getting reved up about knitting again and is looking for inspiration.)

Hi Nanc!

Here it is. It's not a whole lot bigger than the last ones I posted. I took it to Maine but didn't work on it while I was there 'cause I knit my Mum some socks (in lovely handpainted Cascade that I got at the knitting store in the Aroostook Mall...that shop ROCKS!). Anyway, I've knit and tinked the blasted thing so many times that someone who actually knew what they were doing could have knit 12 sweaters by now.

(Click to biggify...)This is the back. It's only big enough to cover my footstool.
Here's an equally abysmal photo job (I think that dark blog in the lower right is actually my own did THAT happen?!) but it's a little closer...

Closer still.

I'm taking a wee break from it for a couple of days to knit Ben some 'mittens'. As big and fierce as he looks and sounds, he is an incredibly wussy, sensitive-flower type. It's wicked hard for him to go for a walk outside while trying to keep all four paws from making contact with the icy sidewalk. He looks ridiculous right up holding one paw after the other up (his personal best was right front and left back at the same time) until the point where he stops moving all together and just stands there looking pitiful until I can coax him back inside with promises of copious amounts of cookies.

"'Poor me! My feet get so cold! It makes me sad."

Actually given his lack of thumbs, and my difficulty in knitting thumbs, he makes the perfect candidate for my handiwork. I'm basically knitting a baby sock with an extra long 2x2 ribbed leg so they will stay on-maybe. I'm making them in hunter orange just in case I have to go looking for them in a snowbank somewhere. I'll keep you posted. It should be quite a photo op if I can get them all on him at once.

So there you have it Nanc! The inspiration you were looking for...a mistake riddled footstool cover and dog socks. Be very inspired! :-) Happy Knitting!!!!

Love and Miss you!

PS (Later)
Just had to add this picture. Friend Cindy read this post and conjured up a pic of Ben in his new mittens. This may be the only chance we get to see them on!

Thanks Cindy!


Michelle said...

That footstool cover is GORGEOUS! Love the pattern. If the booties stay on Ben, please share the pattern. My dog had a hole in one of his pads, and I ALMOST went out and bought him some booties. Knitting them appeals to me more!

MadCityMike said...

Personally, I visualize Ben walking with some kind of shimmy and shake after the boots go on. 1 step, shake, next step, another, and so on. I "hope" he'll listen to your reasoning when you explain it all to him.......
We read on Facebook that 1 of the baguettes that I gave to a neighbor was mostly enjoyed by their dog. She'd had one piece, then it was gone. Unfortunately, she saw way too much of it later when it "returned". Their dog is allergic to many things....guess we can add sourdough sunflower seed baguettes as another one, eh?

Lisa/knitnzu said...

Make Bennie this,

YarnThrower said...

Too funny!

YarnThrower said...

By the way, your sweater looks absolutely AMAZING so far!!!

Sus said...

I think your sweater is looking gorgeous! And Cindy's pic is too cute!

k9 said...

Your footstool cover is so exclusive. i really liked the pattern and design of it. Cindy is looking miserable with having cold feet
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