Triple Crochets, Talking, Turkey and Tantalizing Torte

Been keeping myself pretty busy and relatively out of trouble for the last week. I say relatively out of trouble because the doc told me to keep my UAS on for 2 weeks and I ditched it after 6 days. In attention to instructional detail or defiance? I'm not telling. Suffice to say I've suffered not ill effects and am even back to walking the dog in the freezing temps of 'bumhole of the morning o'clock'.

I finished a baby blanket that I found almost finished when I moved....(Nice sneakers, I know. )

It's crocheted and I really like the pattern a lot. It looks, at first glance, to be rows of squared sewn together but is in fact, all crocheted in one piece . The webs are made with triple crochets.
I went to Knit Night at The Sow's Ear on Friday night. It was a hoot as usual. An this week was special because it was a hoot with CAKE. Doesn't get any better than that! It was a "Melissa's Birthday and Yay Barack Won" cake. Cool cake even though I didn't get a decent picture of it because it was eye level to me on a counter top and I had to hold my camera up and shoot blindly!

I don't know why kind of Elven magic they used for the photo but it was awesome. And tasty too!

The only bad part about Knit Night was that I couldn't seem to knit to save my soul. I cast on and knit an inch of the same sock leg 4 times before giving up and going home. Last night I started on a Connor Cap and worked up 4 inches with no problem at all. I'm too busy people watching and gabbing at Knit Night I guess. Although the hat was knit while watching a Doctor Who marathon. David Tennant is pretty distracting as well. Huh? One of life's little mysteries I guess.

Yesterday I got together with some of the girls and went to see The Secret Life of Bees. The book is one of my top 20 favorites of all time and the movie, surprisingly, didn't disappoint. Three out of the four of us sat there sobbing through the last third of the film. But in a good way! (For the record, the man sitting to my left was crying too!)

After the movie we went to Avanti's in Verona for supper. I had been in there once, before the bar addition, and have had some pizza from there on Charity Knit Night. The food was excellent. I highly recommend the Shells Florentine. And it was good to have company at meal time. That has been my biggest hurdle this fall-eating alone. Usually, I do a crossword puzzle while I eat. It was nice to have conversation again. I mean chats with Bentley can only take me so far.

Me: Hi Ben, how was your day.
Ben: You gonna eat that?
Me: Did you see any squirrels out front.
Ben: Give me a bite of that meatloaf will ya?
Me: You didn't bark when the mail person came did you?
Ben: Ummmmm....broccoli.


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Due in large part to Chester here. My Mum made him for me many moons ago. He has graced my kitchen table every year since then. I dug him out today and put him out. I think he's the cutest thing ever! Just looking at him makes me smile.

Dapper, wouldn't you agree?

Ben is out with the neighbors right now. They took him for a walk with their dog because they know my foot is still sore. Wasn't that sweet? Even sweeter because they KNOW that walking him is like trying to harness a speeding locomotive. I made some brownies for them so I guess I'd better go cut them up and get them ready since they should be back soon.

Have a good Monday everyone!


Mel said…
I will confess to having never gotten into Dr. Who, but David Tennant has certainly made me consider it.
YarnThrower said…
I love Chester, and it appears you come by your crafting prowess genetically. Your blanket looks great! Nice to get those almost-done-UFO's out of the way, I bet!
DPUTiger said…
Chester is awesome!! And what great neighbors! I borrowed my neighbor's dog on Friday afternoon. After a lousy morning, an afternoon sitting outside with a warm ball of gold fur curled up next to me was just what the doctor ordered!
That is a beautiful blanket! Does it have an intended recipient, or will you put away until a baby gift is needed? As for the photo, it's pretty easy. You just make a color copy (with special, non-toxic ink) on rice paper (very thin, so it has a backing), lay it on the frosting, and remove the backing. Waa-laa!
Cindy G said…
Beautiful blanket!
Awesome cake!
And I'm so glad the movie is good, because I love that book so much.
MadCityMike said…
Sounds like a pretty active weekend for someone "taking good care of themselves". :)
Very nice baby blanket, too!
There must have been something in the air this past weekend....we ate out ALL 3 NIGHTS!!!! Seems we were doing something away from home at "just the right time of day". ;)
Lisa said…
What a great cake! OK... Did I read your post or what... WTF is mel talking about here? OK, re-read, see it now. Trying to catch up on a week's worth of blog reading and just skimming. LOVE the costume!
Kitty Mommy said…
Ummm, I'm almost afraid to ask this, but are the leftmost two strips of rows (columns?) supposed to be different? FWIW, I didn't notice it in person at knit night, just all stretched out on the carpet. I'm thinkin' probably a design feature, yes?
sheila said…
That is the best cake EVER!!! Also, the blanket looks really nice...I have to really start practicing more on my crochet!