LPQT's and FO's

I have been cranking out the Connor Caps in anticipation of being able to pass them off to Beth of Chocolate Sheep fame at Knit Night on Friday. I used some acrylic yarn for them from Michael's. It's called Vanna's Choice ( V_nn_ White...I'd like to buy an 'A', Alex.). It's very soft and wasn't too bad to work with despite my dislike for fake yarn. It knits up into a nice warm cap and is washable so it's all good. I have one more on the needles. It's grey with blue stripes rather than blue with grey because I'm running out of the blue. Hope it still passes muster. After I'm done, I will knit any leftovers into 6 inch squares for an afghan Beth is putting together for Connor's family.

And this is a BIG finished object for me!

I know, it's just a jigsaw puzzle, but it's the first one that I've put together almost entirely by myself....( I did get some assistance from Friend-Donna one evening while we visited) and on purpose too! I've always hated jigsaws because they happen waaay too slowly and I'd get too frustrated, but after working on one at a friend's, I got bitten by the puzzle bug-hard. My library has a big selection of puzzles that you can borrow on the honor system so I snagged one to try thinking that it was a pretty picture. I worked on it for almost a month, sometimes off and on, sometimes obsessively. When I got frustrated I'd tell myself that I was doing quality testing for the library. Someone has to check to see if all of the pieces are there! I'm nothing if not helpful. As it turns out they were all there (how much would that have sucked if they hadn't been?), although for several days I was convinced that about twenty of them didn't even go to this puzzle and the 200 more were missing. But they all fit...every last one, and considering there were 1000 pieces and 950 of them were the same %$^&*shade of green, I'm am declaring it a FO and a victory for Library Puzzle Quality Testers everywhere! [I even put a little note in the box that said, "All pieces included" and the date. I considered putting an 'Inspected By Agent 42' tag on it but thought that would be overkill. How sad is my life?]

Needless to say, I'm hooked and will be testing another library puzzle soon. Friend Donna gave me a puzzle for my b-day that is sky and mountains. 1000 pieces and 980 of them are the same shade of blue. The other 20 are white snow caps. I think I'll save that one for when Mum comes to visit over Christmas! My next one will be a building or a face or the Fisher Price logo; something easy!

Off to finish my last Connor Cap watch a show on the History Channel. Apparently they 'found' the Garden of Eden. I'm betting they also discover Yeti and Jimmy Hoffa living in Noah's Arc under the Tree of Life!


Sue said…
You are nothing but funny and I do enjoy your writing. I cannot remember whose blog led me here but I do thank them. I asked about you when I was at the Sow's Ear a few weeks ago on a knitting weekend with my guild from the chicago area. One lady sitting on the couch knitting did know you and confirmed that you had a good sense of humor. Keep writing....you have a great style and and even better way with words.

MadCityMike said…
YEA! What Sue says! :)

I'm surprised you have room to keep the puzzle out and going......that wouldn't be possible in our house. I have too many things that take up room already, like my spinning wheel, floor loom......yarn, roving, and fleece stash! ;)
I found myself at the bad store just the other day and did feel of the Vanna's Choice, though I eschew the fake yarn, and I found it as you said, soft and warm. Congrats on the puzzle. A word of warning: beware of those whose image is composed of tiny little photos grouped together by tone. Though if you need to kill your puzzle bug . . .
Elizabeth said…
We've gone through puzzle phases here. I pick them up at thrift shops cheap. When I repack them, I put them in a ziplock bag in the box, just in case the box lid gets knocked off. Then I use a sharpie marker to note complete or missing parts status on the ziplock. We give the complete ones back to St. Vincent's after a while.

See you tomorrow night!
peaknits said…
OMG, love a good puzzle - and your work as the self-designated LPQT is appreciated! You are so funny - I hope your holiday season is a good one, you deserve that after this year - I am sure your pup will do something crazy!
Cindy G said…
I'm surprised (but pleased) that Ben did not 1) knock the nearly completed puzzle of whatever it was resting on, and 2) eat several crucial pieces. Yay Ben!

Thanks for the yarn review. From time to time I do actually need a not too yucky acrylic (hard to find). I like the color choice for the hats, too.
Mo said…
The hats for Connor look great!

Look what I saw in the news regarding a DIFFERENT BENTLEY DOG:

"Suffolk County Police Department Press Release:

Suffolk County Police Fourth Precinct police officers responded to an incident where a dog drove a car into a St. James coffee house tonight.
Bryan Maher, 60, of 103 Huron St., Port Jefferson, left his 1992 Chevrolet van running when he went into Cool Beanz at 7:10 p.m. Maher's dog, named BENTLEY, put the vehicle in drive and the van rolled into the building.
No one was injured. The crash damaged the glass window at the front of the store and some patio furniture."
Hege said…
I used to put together huge jigsaw puzzle with my mom when I was little.

Great hats.
Have a great weekend!
Lisa said…
You need one of those puzzles that is a photograph of puzzle pieces on one side and a photograph of, oh, say, orange marbles, on the other, repetitive miniscule little images with pieces showing parts of both and totally impossible to figure out... oh, especially when the image on both sides is a similar color. (just kidding, no need to send you over the deep end!) I have been known to black out the missing piece on the cover of puzzles...
dale-harriet said…
Gee, puzzles - I love puzzles, haven't done one in AGES! But I think I have some....NO!! MUST NOT DO!! My entire life has been put on hold, following the ellipsis: "When the novel is done...." I LOVED seeing you 'tother night, BTW. Even if you WERE in the center of the naughty room. Oh heck, I'll just say it: you, my friend MollyBee, have a MERRY FACE and TWINKLING EYES. There, now you know my first thought whenever I see you. Which I hope to do oftener ... (all together now) "when the novel is done." (Which will, willynilly, be November 30 if not before; I do love me a finite project.)