Have Yourself a Freaky Little Christmas...

White Wire Outdoor Christmas Tree-$10
Pine cone garland-$.50/yard sale
Expression on my neighbor's faces when they look in and see my 'Frankentree'=Priceless

Hey! I don't have much room to put a tree up or store it and us little Yankee girls are brought up to work with what we have..... It holds all of the ornaments that mean something to me and that's the most important thing.

Thanks to the big breakfast bar in my nest, and my penchant for not eating breakfast there, I have room for one of my favorite Christmas decorations, Santa and assorted animal friends in a birch bark canoe too!
I had a restful but productive weekend. I worked on some knitting but it can't be posted here yet so you'll have to check my unfinished projects on Ravelry. I've haven't utilized Ravelry as much as I should. This weekend I uploaded a bunch of finished projects. Of course they were finished so long ago that now I've forgotten what yarn it was and where the pattern came from. I've made a Thanksgiving resolutions to post projects as I go from now on so that I can capture all of the information.

Went to Last Saturday knitting on Saturday afternoon. It starts at 2PM and I got there at 1PM, snuggled up by the fireplace with a cuppa tea and my journal and warmed up from my morning outside. Why was I out in the cold so long on Saturday morning? Ben. Of course. I've been walking him every day for coming up on two years now. I've trained him to sit before we cross the street. When we get to the crosswalk, I stop, he bottoms and gets a nanomolecule of Beggin' Strip; his reason for living. We have done this forever. But this Saturday morning, a dim light intermittently flickers on in his fuzzy head and he thinks...'Hey, what is a driveway really but a little street that crosses my sidewalk?' He proceeded to bottom out before EVERY driveway along the walk and then look at me expectantly for his bacon. I'd say, 'No Ben' and he's calmly walk to the next driveway and sit down.

I didn't know how to handle this. I don't want to 'untrain' him to stop at crosswalks, so we walked around our 18 million house subdivision with him sitting and looking expectant every 10 feet. I can't imagine what anyone looking out they window thought. Despite NOT getting a treat and surely contracting frostbite on his bum (frostbutt?) he still wouldn't knock it off until we got home. I was pretty near frozen to death. Today? He walked just as normal (well as normal as he gets) as can be. That dog is one weird dude.

Anyway....got sidetracked there. Saturday afternoon knitting was awesome as usual. Dale Harriet was the woman of the hour with hilarious stories. That woman has lived I tell ya! Be sure and ask her what happens when you play your Fisher Price Xylophone during rush hour!

Off to eat a yummy supper-Taco packets! I'll put the recipe on Molly Bee's Kitchen if you're interested. Just the right comfort food for a snowy Sunday night. We're supposed to get up to 6-8" of snow tonight?!?!?!? Glad I don't have to shovel it anymore! I'm crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow because...yes I am ten years old when it comes to that kinda thing and pray for one if there is just one flake in the air! Ummmm, hot chocolate, a snuggly woobie and soap operas....I am soooo headed for disappointment.....


Love, love, love the tree!! Be careful, you might just start a new craze!! LOL Awesome!!!
DPUTiger said…
I would love a snow day too. Problem is that there is no snow in the forecast, and ... oh yeah! ... I telecommute. So I can always get to my office and yet I STILL have to shovel the driveway. Rats. ;-)

Oh, and my verification word? "dogyp" I swear they're using things closer to actual words these days!
Sue said…
Hi MB,
Thanks for the shout out a few posts ago. I think it was the one where Bentley had his little head on the pillow....priceless. He is such a dear and so humanoid that it is scary. Thanks for the picture of your tree it made me smile as I hope it does you every time you look at it. You are one brave broad and I salute your spirit. Keep writing you are really very good!
Mo said…
Love the Christmas tree and the canoe with Santa and his buddies!

A bit of odd behavior on Ben's morning walk. Just makes you wonder what triggered it and be glad it did not stick around.

I'm grateful for the time you make to keep up your MBA blog. It always makes me smile. You have great spirit Molly Bee!
Elizabeth said…
Sorry to rain on your snow day parade, or something, but we've been downgraded to Wimp Weather. Measly 3" by morning, at most. Looks like Milwaukee is getting all our snow tonight.
MadCityMike said…
I missed a few days when we were out of town and had to "back track" to read your postings. And, of course, I'm glad I did. :)
I'm happy to hear that your T-day was fun and that you are decorating for the upcoming holiday. You ARE a trend setter, but......of course, you already know that. ;)
dale-harriet said…
I am SO loving that tree. Here's your unsolicited History Fact for the day: you know those aluminum Christmas trees? (You may not; you weren't born when they were all the craze) ANYway, they're from Wisconsin. And we're going to have a display of them at the Museum (unsolicited advert).

I love the snow too, just learned a couple of ways to bring it on, think I'll blog 'em. And Last Saturday Knit? Heck, anywhere THAT crowd is, I are happy. Oh, and DPUTiger? You're right on, my word is "unnest", my advice to anyone with teenagers. :-)
Sus said…
I LURVE your tree!!! I think it's festive and awesome!
Lisa said…
I am SO jealous about your tree!!!! Part of me wants a totally gaudy silver tree (small though), or pink, but shiny. Great canoe too! I have been saying how much I'm not ready for winter, and then we saw a flake (not last night, but a couple of days ago), and I got this little thrill, just like you, I guess I'm 10. Your dog is funny... hmmm? weird like his mama???
Kitty Mommy said…
Oh, that little tree totally has it going in a Charlie Brown Christmas special kind of way. Love it!!!

And the sheep ornament near the top on the left? I think I have one just like it!
Mum said…
You may be able to take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl! You show 'em Tiger how to "pick yourself up...dust yourself off...and start all over again".
Totally awsome tree full of Christmas spirit. Love it.
Cindy G said…
As always, Ben has me rolling on the floor laughing.

I, too, love your tree. It reminds me of the old "feather" trees in the way it shows off your ornaments.

Actually, I can see the concept showing up in Martha Stewart or "Real Simple"
Anonymous said…
YAAAAAY! I love the tree pictures!

On the topic of Freaky Christmas. I've been freaking everyone out at the office with a weird Holiday CD by Casio Kristmas. It's a real hoot! If anyone is interested you can hear it here

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Happt Holidays to all