Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wisconsin Tangle Artists' Coalition Meeting June 11, 2016

Still catching up a little on my blogging.We had a great WiTaC meeting a couple of Saturday's ago. Katie demonstrated Chameleon Markers which I'm still trying to wrap my mind around. They are alcohol based, start out light and go to dark as you use them so you don't need 12 different hues of each color marker to create shade and  depth. She gave us each a chance to play with them and they were amazing! If I used a lot of color, I'd definitely go for these. 

Tess did a presentation on watermarking your artwork. I've never really done this but guess I should. Folks were talking about finding their artwork on Internet sites for sale as posters, tee-shirts and what not, without their permission. That is a risk of posting your work on the computer. Everyone has access and some people's motives are less than pure.  She gave us several tips for either manually or electronically watermarking that I definitely will play around with.

Our tangle of the day challenge was to use 'Agora' by Lynn Woods-the pattern that looks like a window, in the back ground.
In an attempt to use some new tangles that I had just learned, this was my first tile. I didn't really like the clunky composition.

So I made a second tile that I liked a lot better.There is something about a black background that makes me HAVE to throw stars in there!

During the meeting, we had time to visit and tangle. I wanted to try out a new tangle called Plum-lei by Dawn Collins which is the flowers in the bottom right. I really like it and will add it to my 'flower arsenal' of patterns!

I love tiles like the bottom one. It's not a particularly great one, but it's one where I was visiting with and listening to others and kind of on autopilot, so when it was finished I was as surprised as anyone else to find out that Egypt showed up to the party! I started with the simple diagonal triangles called Pharah by Simona Cardera.  That led to Snake Eggs by Nancy Robinson before I knew it there was a palm tree, desert, Middle Eastern sun and The Nile. Fun!

Zentangle Expo is coming up next month-July 8 and 9th. I signed up for a ton of cool classes. It's at the Marriott West this year by Greenway Station near Middleton. There will be a gallery in the main atrium of the hotel, which, if you've seen it, is GORGEOUS! There will also be a market where you can buy new things, as well as a kind of 'swap meet' where you can buy supplies that tanglers bring in to sell. Can't wait! If you're in the Madison area, you are welcome to come! I hope to see you there!

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