Campin' in Paris

On Friday, I drove 5 hours south to my brother's house in Paris. He and SIL Shiela had invited me to go camping with them in Martinsville near their home. 

They have this beautiful camper permanently parked in a campground there. It was like camping in the Taj Mahal, two queen-sized beds, bathroom, shower, microwave, sink, stove and oven. Someone suggested that I wasn't so much 'camping' as 'staying with folks'. We really did rough it though. Shiela had mistakenly taken the satellite/cable box home TV! (Which I LOVED!)

This is the hideous view from the camper. Look at all that lake and green and freshness!

And the essential part of camping...the fire pit. I love the smell of wood smoke. 

They brought their three dogs down with them. Ellie is the wee Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. The little mop dog is Max. He's in constant motion and so you'll have to use your imagination on that blurry picture. 

And this is my bestest bud, Sophie. She reminds me so much of Bentley, who was half Boxer himself.  She slept with me both nights. 

This is what it's like waking up next to her. 

I had a great time with the family. Got to see my two nieces, went Geocaching in the surrounding country side with Shiela, and to the golf cart races and Karaoke night at the campground. Shiela and I went into Casey, a little town nearby-but that is a post unto itself! Shiela cooked great meals and we just chilled, visited, and played games. We even played Lawn Yahtzee which is like regular Yahtzee except the dice are the size of a cantaloupe and you throw them out of a big bucket onto the lawn! All in all it was a great, relaxing weekend. I wish it wasn't so far away! But I guess they're lucky it's not or I would be there more often, looking for snakes and hogging the seat on the golf cart!

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said…
Oooohh... You've been to PARIS?!
Michelle said…
Totally different than yours, but just as enjoyable! (I would have dognapped Sophie; just sayin'.)
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