Thanksgiving for The Turkeys 2015

I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer at this year's 'Heartland Thanksgiving For The Turkeys' on Sunday. It snowed on Saturday and when I got to the farm it was a balmy 15° but gorgeous at the farm!

These three little pigs were not interested in leaving their snuggly bed!

The goats were in coats.

But the turkeys were all excited about their Thanksgiving feast. 

They even invited some of their chicken friends. I wish I had gotten a picture of Reggie (the larger chicken in this pic) when he was standing dead center in that 'pie' looking all proud of himself!

After Thanksgiving was over and the mess cleaned up, I fixed a Thanksgiving feast of cranberries, stuffing and sweet potatoes for the new mini pig, Percy. He is the dearest, furriest little thing. He tucked into his dinner like it was his job; making the cutest little grunting and chomping sounds!

Since it was so cold, I dug out my box of woolies for the first time this season and rooted through it for appropriate barn wear. Of course I had help.

 Seriously, he doesn't LOOK like the essence of pure evil does he?

So it was a wonderful morning. The visitors were super generous and everyone had a great time. I froze my nose, fingers, and toes, but the Heartland Farm gang always leaves me with a warm and happy heart! 


Michelle said…
Oh my; the evil kitten has grown UP! The farm event looks like so much fun; I've missed your posts about the place.