Doodle Jewels

There was a perfect storm this long Thanksgiving weekend; a bunch of tangle artists with extra time on their hands discovered several  'Jewel' tutorials that started popping up in Facebook Groups last week...Voila! There was a 'jewel storm' on the boards all weekend long, and the results were amazing! I had such a good time looking at everyone else's work, that you know I had to try it myself! I suspect this is exactly what caused the storm!

While I love color, I'm not very good with it... but I gave it the old college try. I drew a bunch of circles and just started trying the different techniques and color combinations. I'm still not satisfied. I have wicked 'jewel envy' from looking at other's work, but it was fun. 

Practice Sheet (tone on tones)

 Practice Sheet Two:Sakura shadow technique (Note-paper was two thin and it totally warped)

Practice Sheet Three:Trying to throw an odd color in every now and then. 


Have you tried Jewels yet? It's a great way to add a pop of color to black and white tangle work.  If you can't find the tutorials let me know and I can help you out! Happy Tangling!


Betsy Wilson said…
I think your color and hi lights are quite nice!
Michelle said…
That purple one is a beauty!
Leeny said…
Another vote for the purple! Are these all Sakura pens?
Jeanene49 said…
I love the purple!!! Can you point me to some of the tutorials? Beyond just the basic coloring/shading--maybe it is the Sakura technique that you mentioned? Whatever makes the "textured, crackled" look on the gems. Thanks!
Michelle said…
Beautiful work!!

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