Lots of New Tangle Pattern Ideas!

I've been setting aside tangles that I've created in a special file in my cabinet. When I put one in last night, I realized that I had quite a stockpile and that I hadn't put only of them out there for others to try...so here they all are. I'm not good at stepouts or at naming. Most of them are named after placed in Maine...just because. I'd love to see any tangles that you've done that use any of these patterns! Have fun and tangle on!


arashibooks said…
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arashibooks said…
So many fun new patterns to try. Thank you for sharing them. Can't wait to try them out. I especially like Tentz, Leaf (was it inspired by another helix type tangle?), Bethel and Acadia.
Deni(se) said…
Wow! You've been sitting on a lot of patterns! Glad you decided to share the wealth. My favorite is Tentz and the cute little scene you made to go with it. We visited your lovely state this summer for the first time and loved it. I hope we get to return some day.
mollymohawk said…
What fun patterns. Thank you for sharing, mollymohawk@live.com

Anonymous said…
Pretty cool to be randomly searching pinterest for tabgles and see "Houlton" and "Oakfield"! I was born in Houlton, family lived in Island Falls and Oakfield but moved to Southern Maine as a kid. Still go back up to The County every year, though. Not many people who aren't hardcore Mainers would know a few of these other places, either.
Kathy Cardon said…
Dear Molly - Thanks for sharing your tangles. I'm new to you site and wondering where you got your blank tangle pages. They are some of the best I've seen. You've probably answered this before but since I am new to your site could you let me know about your tangle sheets?

Kathy C.

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