Gettin' 'Er Done

This weekend was one of crossing things off my list. I got the pedi I had on my list for a while. I went to a new place that did a great job but they did some things that I dare not speak about. Once they got out the molten wax and smooth rocks from the surface of the sun, I would've told them anything they wanted to know. And don't get me started on the massage chair. Aye Karumba!

I was setting next to a young, thoroughly-tattooed and pierced guy who was nervously there for his first Man-Pedi with his girlfriend. I had fun with that-telling him to be strong and asking him if he'd picked out his polish. I'm sure he was glad when I was finshed and out the door!

Since my toes are all pretty, I didn't have to finish this pair of socks, but I did anyway. Guys on Ice, Call The Midwife and Mr. Selfridge were all on PBS last night so it was prime knitting time! These are a little heavier than I normally knit-Opal 6 ply, but I like the colors. 

I finished this tile, which is a gift for someone I love...

And I finished this generation of Mud Daubers that had built a nest behind the garage door. I was a wasp-wasting Ninja, I was! I 'Raided' them, spatula-ed them off the wall and stomped the heck out of the nest. There were 9  dried out wasps in there that looked like that had already died in the early 1970s but I didn't know that before I set out, so I was Very,Very, Brave!

I also, planted spinach and lettuce and finished three books that I had started. I never do that, I always read one book at a time. Don't know how it happened that I had three going.  But I resolved that situation as well.  I love crossing things off!

What's on your To-do List?