Weekly Challenge #195: "Turning Old into New"

Today's Diva Challenge is by guest blogger, Sandy Hunter. Little Artoo is still on the mend and Laura's pinch hitters are really stepping up to the plate! The theme is 'Turning Old Into New',  taking a tangle pattern you always use and using it in a new way.
I use Sanibel and the flowers (can't remember name) in the grid a lot, but never in a grid- always free form.  Demi (the black and white squares on the left are supposed to be in a grid, so I took them out. Tipple (the bubbles) I use as a filler but not a border and Perk (what I think of as a seed pod) usually has all of it's seed intact instead of flying all over.

This was a thought provoking exercise. I found it very uncomfortable to do which tells me this will be a great thing to investigate further!

Thanks Sandy for the awesome challenge!


Sue Clark said…
I love what you did for this challenge! The Purk flying off the grid is great!!! Love Demi free form and Sanibel and Zinger in a grid. Beautiful work!
I really like the way that you used sanibelle and zinger in a grid. Really worked nicely!
LonettA said…
Really beautiful tile! Very creative and playful!
Ilse said…
Zinger in a grid, together with Sanibelle, makes a lovely tile!
Anoeska said…
Lovely tile!
Dorita Menconi said…
A very creative tile. I particularly like the seeds flying out of perk.
Donald Wilka said…
Creative. Did your Purk spin so fast that the orbs flew off?
I like your tile and it's shading!
Megan Hitchens said…
Inventive. And I do love the Purk flying all over the place
The floating demi...is great, the shading throughout your work really makes even the grid designs come alive.
Sandra Sch. said…
Oh wow - I really like your variations of patterns and your tile looks so creative! Wonderful work :-)
J L Johnson said…
Love your tile. It's kinda neat to see Zinger in a box.

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