INKtober 27-30

INKtober 27
This was for a friend who asked me to put this saying on a card for her fridge. It has a lot of pink sparkley on it but but the picture of it is poor.

INKtober 28
I printed off a piece of triangle graph paper and just started filling in the triangles with Paradox during a dept meeting. I took it home that night and shaded it. Then I submitted it the next day as the notes I took during the meeting. Some team meetings are so sciencey that I tend to black out if I try to figure out WTH they are talking about. Doodling keeps me conscious. 

Inktober 29
This week's Diva Challenge was to use only the pattern 'Betweed'. I used my new Helix circle and angle making drafting tool and still managed to make them not round. More practice required!

Today's was a quicky at lunch since I have a party tonight. My last dyed Zen tile. It was mostly pale yellow so it doesn't show up well. It looks really wonky in this photo but it's not as crooked as it looks. It will be an RAZ.  
PS. for those of you playing at home, you can click on this to  biggify it and see the 'sniper' that Brother Dan swears is under the top left leaf in the foliage on the right. 

Just a small RAZ for Oct 31.  Not much time with all of the Halloween festivities! 



Barb said…
Your work is amazing.