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♫ The Lion Sleeps Tonight...♫

Went to a Big Cat sanctuary north of Madison on Saturday with friends Hope and Matthew. I hate that there has to be sanctuaries at all, but if I was a tiger and I needed to be in one, this is the one I'd choose.  There were spacious, clean enclosures with lots of things to enhance the animals lives, like giant cement culverts for the cats to lay on and hide in. Each had shelter from the sun and bad weather if they chose to use it. All had toys of some sort to play with and plenty of fresh water. 

Unless they were bonded pairs, each tiger had his own space. Male and females that were bunking together were spayed and neutered. 

All of the cats were so beautiful,healthy and content looking, well fed and had great coats. 
 You could tell they were well cared for and as happy as you can be in a sanctuary.

There were Bengals, Siberians, Lions, Cheetahs and Panthers. Many of them were rescued from a place in Indiana that had 20 cats in way to small a space. Others came from circuses and zoos that no longer had room for them .

 You could buy frozen supermarket chickens to feed them but we declined on the basis that I just about passed out from the mere though when she asked us. 

We enjoyed it so much and  were so impressed with the good work that they are doing at the sanctuary, we sacrificed this wee boy to the last tiger on the visit. He was crunchy and tasty with ketchup.

If you love cats and would like to support this sanctuary, you can read more about it here: http://www.wisconsinbigcats.org/.

Funny story: When we checked in, Hope and Matthew paid their admission and then the lady said to me. "55+?'.  What a dilemma!!!! The 48 year old angel on my left shoulder was screaming, 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!' but the frugal Yankee devil on my fight shoulder was chanting' 'Get the discount! Get the discount!'. Vanity won out and I paid the regular price. I'm going to be heck on wheels when I earn my AARP card though! I'm never paying full price again after that!!!!


Mum said…
The big cats are beautiful. So glad there's a good place for them to live out their lives.