Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Diva Challenge: Blind String and New Cabinets

I just love Laura Harm's blog. In addition to the challenge she posts every week, she posts the cutest pics of her sons and this week, the pic of Artoo in his little plaid shirt and sun glasses was too much. I could just smooch his whole face! She is blessed to have two adorable little boys.  

This week's challenge was to close your eyes and draw a 'blind string. The first one I attempted was more off the tile than on so this is my second attempt. Mostly on there....not bad. 

I decided to tangle it with new tangles I haven't used before. Some of them are new from the last Zentangle Harmony weekend update and some I had just scribbled in my sketch book. I'm horrible about their names and who created them, but I am eternally grateful to all of you creative souls who come up with such neat things!

It's a kind of different look for my tile. Less cluttered than I usually do. I was all about the decluttering this weekend!

Remember the cabinet I put together when we first moved to the condo? Well...it over-floweth!

I'd been waffling about what kind of cabinets to but to fit in that space and had narrowed it down to two.  Finally I decided to just do it!

 I got the cabinets on Thursday night and by Sunday night....ta da! It wasn't easy . There was a LOT of swearing (to the point where animals were all in their hidey-holes, just peeking out from time to time). But I did it! Fits pretty good in that alcove doesn't it?!?!

The middle one is a pantry, the one on the right has my art stuff in it and the left one has linens and kitchen appliances in it. A place for everything and everything in its place!


Anne's tangle blog said...

Your tile is beautiful!!!! I like the way it is shaded a lot. Great cabinet's too.

Kia said...

great string and I really like how you have tangled it. I wish I was as organized as you are!

Anoeska said...

Lovely tile! Great job!

LonettA said...

Very lovely tile with great shading!

J L Johnson said...

Love your tile. Like your organization plan.

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Nice tile and love the cabinets! Fun tangle choices and some I haven't seen before.

David Hunter said...

I enjoyed your Post. The new cabinets are so nice. Loved your Challenge Tile. Great Pattern choices, and design work. Well done.

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