Spring Weekend

We had an awesome weekend last weekend. The weather was beautiful and we went to garage sales on Saturday morning in a local affluent neighborhood. Not much success in the treasure department as they all had their stuff marked at retail prices! But as we doodled around, we came across a house with Silky Chickens. 
This is Steve.
And these are Steve's babies.....

I think 'Steve, has some 'splanin' to do !

Steve is a little camera shy but here is is pecking around the garden.

From the back he looks like a Muppet!

Dropped by the farm for a visit with the new guy, Wilber the potbelly pig. 
I sat in the side pasture with him and had a cantaloupe and strawberry picnic followed by a nice belly rub. 

Mick the Llama...

and his buddy, Thor, had just gotten a bad haircut the day before.
And were being all 'Drama Llama' about it,

Winnie the pig and I took a stroll around the fence line. I hadn't had much time to get to know Winnie but she accepted me right away. She stayed right by my hip and I kept my hand on her back the entire way. She got warm during our walk and proceeded to tip over her water dish, roll in it and then come snuggle me...'cause friends share doncha know. 

Nothing like communing with the feathered and fur babies to make your day!


Michelle said…
So good to see your smiling face. :-)