Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memorial Day

I've been thinking a lot about the postings I've been seeing on Facebook about not 'celebrating' Memorial Day. Memorial Day in Wisconsin means getting the camp opened up, going to BratFest, taking the tarp off the pool and grilling out. It's celebrated as the official kick off day of summer.  But the more I read from veterans, and the more I think about the losses in my own life, the more I am tending to agree that Memorial Day should be just that; a quiet day to reflect and give thanks for the people in our lives who have gone on ahead.

I have a little ritual I on the birth and death dates of those I hold dear.  I write a note or sometimes a long letter, depending on the circumstance, then I take it outside in a fireproof bowl and burn it, hoping that the smoke will carry my gratitude and thoughts to wherever they are now.   I like the idea of setting aside an entire sacred day to turn off the phones, unplug the computer, maybe take a walk in the woods and reflect on bountiful blessings of the past. I'll have to get a much bigger bowl for my letter fire; there are so many people who have loved, taught, encouraged and cared for me. Folks I sorely miss and hope to see again one day on the next leg of this journey.

BratFest if going on Saturday and Sunday.The pool, the garden and the grill can wait until the weekend after. This year I'm going to 'commemorate' Memorial Day.


Michelle said...

I'll be in a lovely spot at the base of Mt. Adams, horse-camping with family and friends. A good place to think!

Kari W. said...

Well written!

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