Diva ChallengeL Carole Ohl (CTZ)'s Tangle "Tink"

Went in to work this morning. Sore throat. Went and got a rapid strep test-positive. Crap. So I was back working from the home office from 10:00 AM on. By 4 PM I was exhausted so evening plans I had for a meeting and errands got put on hold and I put myself of the sofa.  I just sat and doodled the entire evening away and tried to ignore the fact that I am gargling glass and my head if filling up with Dog know's what!  

First up at bat was the Diva Challenge. It was to use the tangle 'Tink' which is the kind of tinker-toy looking design. I decided to do it on a precut bookmark this time around. I found them when I cleaned out a craft drawer.

When I found the bookmarks, I also found my rapidograph pen and some gift tags. It was a match made in Heaven. 
Then I ran out of tags so it was back to the bookmarks. 
And more bookmarks (The one on the right is the one I like best.)

And more bookmarks...

Actually, I found the top two in the package with the blank bookmarks. I had forgotten all about them, but I did the bottom one tonight.

So, in spite of feeling like absolute crap, I feel like I accomplished something even if it was just doodling. It was relaxing and distracting and easy enough to do whilst on a metric ton of cold meds and antibiotics.  Thanks for the challenge that started it all, Laura!


BlackScorpio said…
Great idea! These are wonderful bookmarks and tags. Feel better soon!
Didisch said…
What great bookmarks you made, I keep looking to them, to decide wich one I like the most, but I can't decide, I like them all. So great movement in them, and well chosen patterns. Awesome.
Bonnie McLain said…
I LOVE all your bookmarks... I really should do one for myself... but they would never come out at pretty as yours... Love these all... one is nicer than the next... I too like the one you like... but they are all wonderfully exciting.. thanks for sharing them all... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie
Feel better! Love the bookmarks and tags!
Beewatch said…
I hope you feel better. I like all your bookmarks and gift tags.
Annette Carlo said…
Ooooooh! I love the long shape!! I'm gonna have to give that a go!! Beautiful work!! :0) Share Humanity
Marta said…
These are all fabulous!!! You do such beautiful work! Thank you for sharing it with us.
WOW, they are all so very beautiful. I really good way to spend a sick day.
Hope you feel better by now.
Donald Wilka said…
Like 'Nzeppel in the background of your bookmark. I like the one that you did with Betweed also.
LonettA said…
All are absolutely beautiful! I like your choice of tangles. So lovely bookmarks and tags!
I hope you feel better!
Kelly said…
Ewwww strep! So sorry. Looks like you made good use of your downtime though! I hope you feel better. Love what you did with all of thise!

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