Thursday, November 08, 2012

Too Much Fun

Is there any such thing as 'too much fun'?  If so, I think I'm having it. And my Mama always said that 'nothing good ever happens after midnight'.  I beg to differ.  My company has an employee art show in December. I am entering several Zentangled and Zentangle-Inspired pieces.  They always have an art challenge as well. One year it was to decorate a mask. One year it was one of those little wooden beaded human model sculptures. This year is to 'decorate a lab coat''. All of that pristine white space...and me with a Sharpie....a match made in Heaven. SSSSiiiigggghhhh.....

Fortuitously, I had just gotten a book by Mark Kissler about cartooning and shading that I had wanted to play with it, so I decided that rather than tangle the coat, I'd just 'doodle' it like I would a notebook during a meeting. There are birds, bugs, etc.- in no rhyme or reason of order. I don't even care if no one likes it, I am having so much fun with it. I've been up waaaay past bedtime the last few nights and nothing else at my house is getting done as I doodle the hours away.  It's a work in progress and I don't want to think about what will happen when I run out of lab coat.  You are supposed to decorate the front OR the back; I may have to do both...and the sleeves...and the inside!

Here is the overall coat.

 Upper pocket. As you can see, no rhyme or reason... submerged chameleons, divers and mice OH MY!
 Lower right pocket. Miss Glump, the frog. She's on a diet. You can tell by the way she's eyeing those dragon flies, but not eating them.
I don't know what to heck these things are, but they have great balance and enthusiasm.

 I'm contemplating drawing a soccer ball, a la 'Wilson' under the tree. How that guys is finding all of those coconuts in one little tree is beyond me.

Cecil, Lawrence and Dave discussing the fact that the guy marooned on the island is only 3 inches from the mainland. Oliver is flying over ogling Dave's new hair piece.
Below the breast pocket and under the sea
This is Howard on the lower left pocket. I knit him those socks.

So to recap: sleep depived and losing my mind, but having a ball with the latest project. Note to self: hire someone to vaccum!


Barb said...

You are amazing. I so love your creativity. Oh, by the way, nice socks for Howard. :O)

MadCityMike said...

VERY, VERY, COOL! And yes, I meant to use "caps" for all of that. ;)

I also like the new blog background, too.

dale-harriet said...

Oh, my dear, I just love it when you open that window in your mind and all the fun falls out. SPLENDID! Can I come to the Art Show again (I promise to make a big scene!) Bet your twin sister-by-anudda-muddah would like to come too!

Mum said...

I don't believe it...Who's child are you anyway??

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