Gettin 'Er Done!

This weekend was about finishing projects so I could start new projects.  I spent all of Knit Night knitting
brains for my 'thinking cap'. I am very nearly finished and will be able to start my next project, mittens, soon.  Friends gave me a beautiful yarn bowl  for my birthday and I already have it loaded up with the new project yarn. It killed me to not be able to start it last night but I should be able to finish with the brains tonight. 

We are having an art opening at work in December and the Employee Art Challenge is to decorate a lab coat.  I wanted to get it started, but there was the small problem of this guy...


I did this back in April all except for coloring in the border. It was so mind-numbingly tedious, that I put it in  time out and forgot about it. Since I wanted to put it in the art show, it had to be finished before the lab jacket got started. So I spent 6 hours finishing the border and then shading the giraffe, but I finally finished!  I am disappointed that I did this one before I learned to open up my patterns and was still drawing a lot of stuff micro-sized. It might be worth a redo in the future, but without the border!

Anyway, I was proud of what I got accomplished in and around barn duty and other volunteer stuff this weekend. How did your weekend go?


Michelle said…
Love that Giraffiti! Bet you top the art show with it!
MadCityMike said…