Turkey Love

As the world's most unphotogenic person, I hate to have my picture taken, let along have anyone else see it.  So why would I post this picture of my disheveled, dirty, sweaty self at the barn last Sunday?  So you can meet my buddy, Esme of course.  Esme seems to like to have me hold her. She lays her head on my arm or my shoulder and the rest of her body goes to Jell-o.  I have to hold her on my lap if she's not balanced just right or she would flop right off. I whisper sweet nothings in her ear and she closes her eyes.  She is such a sweet girl.  This Sunday's session lasted about 20 minutes until I finally convinced her that she had to get down and I had to go home.

That's Kristin sitting next to me with Sonny the Rooster. He snuggles Kristin like Meme snuggles me. She was walking all around the barn with him under her arm on Sunday and his head was hanging and dangling over her arm like he was sound asleep. She can even interpret the different weird noises he makes.

I never had much of an appreciation of the personalities of barnyard birds until I started working at the farm.  I had no idea how smart, loving and often opinionated they are. It amazes me that some of them actually crave human companionship!  Now if I could only convice Eddie the Tom turkey that he likes to snuggle too!

PS-Thanks Brooke for getting this great shot of Esme!