Squee!!! A Birthday Extravaganza

I am so excited, you guys! As you all know, I never go anywhere, I never do anything and I never have any fun. (*cough*) Poor me! (*cough*) So this afternoon, I booked myself a birthday blowout weekend !  There is going to be a two day Zentangle retreat in Mineral Point,Wisconsin on October 13th and 14th taught by Diane Knauff from Stone Angels Studio!!  I even sucked it up and got a hotel room so I don't have to drive the hour and ten minutes home on Saturday night only to turn around and be back on Sunday at 8:30 AM!

I love the Zentangle art form but have never taken any classes. It's my dream to take the teachers' certification class in Baltimore next year so this will be a good baby step in that direction. I only hope that all the large-scale-doodle-pa-looza-ing I've already been doing doesn't make it too difficult to stick the the true 3'x3'  format of the art.  But it wouldn't be me if I didn't have something to obsessively worry about between now and then.

Squee!!! I'm so excited! If I was a puppy I'd piddle on the carpet!!!! Hurry up October!


Michelle said…
You already create such wonderful work that I can't imagine how this retreat could make you better. But I'm so excited that you're going; a whole weekend with like-minded folks has GOT to be fun!
joey Tremain said…
Melinda, you sound like someone I know. . I NEVER GET TO GO ANYWHERE. . . . . Hmmmmmm I wonder who I'm thinking of??? :)
Sara said…
You'll love Diane. I took 2 classes from her last year. It is quite relaxing to draw along with other people. (Please don't piddle on the carpet no matter how excited you get.)