Cutie Patootie and Paoli Mill Art Festival

My weekend started off with a pic of this little cutie Patootie.  This is Noelle and Ella the Elephant that I knit to celebrate her first birthday.  I can't believe she is a year old already. What a little sweetheart! She and her big brother William are quite a pair!
On Saturday I went down to Paoli. It's a town about 10-15 minutes and is little more than a wide spot in the road, but almost all of the buildings in town have been turned into art galleries. It's so neat to poke around down there. This weekend in addition to all of the galleries, there was an outdoor art fair on the banks of the Sugar River that runs through town.  The scenery was spectacular.

This little bridge is behind the Paoli cheese shop and crosses the river to a beautiful little grove.
The fair was set up just beyond the bridge. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. It was such a serene setting to view the beautiful art. 
 Beyond the fair was the river again, winding lazily through the fields and woods.
 On the other side of the bank is the Creamery Cafe and gallery. I was there for breakfast one time and it was great.

Here is my art show purchase.  It's a painted portrait of Phil from Heartland Farm!
I had just heard of Alyssa Ingram for the first time last week. She came to the farm and took pics of the animals, painted their portraits and then made jewelry from them! I was pleasantly surprised to run across her booth at the fair.  She also had  one of Frances the sheep with one of the goats. It was a hard decision between the two, but I finally chose Phil and will save my pennies for Frances sometime in the future. You can see some of Alyssa's work on her Etsy Show  located here:

I went to Belleville to walk the river walk after the fair and had lunch at the Corner Cafe down there. Belleville park is one of my favorite go-to spots in the area when I need a little peace, quiet and a water fix! They have a new path that literally goes through the lake and along the river. It was a wonderful, peaceful, serene morning. Getting recharged a little definitely helps me deal with 'reality'. I need to do it more often!