How to Photograph a Llama

I think llamas are beautiful mystical creatures.They are a study in opposites. They look so delicate but are really sturdy. They look friendly at a distance but are really shy and stand-off-ish. That said, they put aside their demure, retiring attitudes when the cameras come out apparently. Llamas, at least some llamas, are media hams...

Hey there Thor and Mick. You boys are looking particularly handsome today!

Mick, since you're already standing up,
do you mind if I take your picture?
Just hold still for a minute...

 Oh. OK.  I guess a little closer wouldn't hurt . 
That's just stand still.

Uh, now you're getting a little too close there, Mick. 
Can you please  back it up just a bit?

Uh, Mick...which part of stand still don't you understand?
Oh probably you don't speak English, being from South
America and all. How do you say 'stand still' in Spanish?
 OK-Now we have to have a serious talk about personal
space and boundary issues, Mick. Plus you need a tissue.
 No, you can't see me by looking in the lense.
 You do have beautiful eyes though.
 Back up now....that's it, that's a little better.
Don't you want the ladies to see what a handsome boy you are?

 I thought so.  You're a rock star, Mick!


MadCityMike said…
When visiting a "fiber friend" who has various fiber animals, including a couple of "guard llama's", we found out that they, too, get up close and personal. George likes people so much that he is known as "Kissing George"......much to Don's dismay and first hand knowledge. :)