Diva's Weekly Challenge # 48: Tri-Shapes

The challenge this week over on The Diva's site was to tangle a square, circle, triangle combination.  Here is my line:
 And here is my finished tangle.
An additional part of the challenge was to use tangles you've never used before. I have a ton of them so it was fun to choose which ones to incorporate.   Thanks again Diva for the wonderful challenge!


Lutka And Co. said…
I like the overlapping effect - Nice tangle!
Sue Clark said…
Beautiful! I love how the overlapping shapes give it a 3D look!
Karen Lynn said…
I like the juxtaposition of the shapes and your selection of tangles.
Jay said…
Very nice!! I really like the choices of patterns you used!
Most of the tangles you used are new to me. I'll have to give them a try. Nice piece!
Wonderful, just chock full o' goodness. Not familiar with all the tangles but they are great.
Terrie said…
This is full of tangles new to me too - I'll add them to my notebook. Great job!
Minette said…
Wow, I love this geometric layout for the string and the combination of the patterns you used.

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