Weekend Update May 1, 2011

It was a fun-filled week: Cirque du Soliel on Tuesday night, movies with Steve and Joey on Thursday night, lunch with Pat on Friday and then there was the Royal Wedding reception of course. Saturday I went to Joey's Seafood with Mary, Jen and Elizabeth and then to  knitting. Our normal Last Saturday Knitting place had to close early at 3PM, so we moved the party over the The Sow's Ear until it closed at 5PM.

I had forgotten that the Alpaca Festival was this weekend until someone mentioned it yesterday afternoon. I'm glad they did, I would have felt bad if I had missed it. I got up bright and early and went down there this morning. I usually go on Saturday and there are a lot of folks around and the animals are wicked skittish, but this morning was really quiet and I got plenty of alpaca kisses and love. It was wonderful. I visited each and every alpaca and then watched the judging for a bit. I went to the vendor area but stayed true to my vow to not buy fleece/yarn this year. I had to make a 2 skein exception recently to make a project that someone asked specifically for, but as of today-May 1st, I haven't bought anything fibery!

To top it all off, I finished a Molly Doodle.  (Click to biggify for detail. Finally! One I'm happy with!)

 And gave myself a snazzy Mollydoodle manicure.
There just aren't enough hours in the day around here lately!

I'll leave you with pics of some of the cuties I got to commune with this morning...
Love the punk hairdo. He was a real 'party animal'.

 Doesn't the one of the right look like a white alpaca with a brown hooded coat on?
 Here's looking at you.
This is the 'Push Me Pull Me' from Dr. Doolittle.

What have YOU been up to?


lalitterer said…
Oh no! I missed it! I was thinking that it should be coming up soon, and I would like more alpaca to spin. Never mind that there is a bundle of alpaca waiting by my spinning wheel for when I finish the mohair from Leslie. Also never mind the box in my stash with four more things from my birthday blow-out at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival two years ago.

I suppose this is nature's way of telling me to get caught up before going shopping. I admire your resolve to be able to just pet the alpaca and not buy anything.
stART said…
A busy AND fun week - love the alpaca `wearing` a hoodie!
Cindy G said…
I'm so sorry I missed the fun on Saturday! My car was dead in the driveway. Fixed now, but too late : - (

Love the manicure!
Cathy-Cate said…
I think the one alpaca is actually a sheep in an alpaca costume...