Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Mr. Bentley and I had a busy weekend. Friday night was Knit Night at the Sow's Ear and the gang and I stayed until the last gun was fired at 11:15 or so. I got a Christmas present finished and started on another one so it was productive as well as fun. (I'm working on several projects right now but at this time of year, you can't talk about any of them. It's the 'Santa Clause' in the knitted gifts contract I've never seen it so crowded at Knit Night before. At one point I had another lady practically in my lap. Good way to make 'close' friends I guess!

Saturday morning Ben and I went to friends' to meet their new furbaby Murphy. It's really hard to take pics of an active puppy but at least you get the general idea of his amazing cuteness.

He and Ben got along fine except for the part where Ben was trying his best to ignore Murphy so he could eat sticks and branches in peace, and Murphy nipped him in the butt to get his attention. Ben told him in no uncertain terms that that was not allowed and Murphy ran away yipping. He came back in just a few minutes and groveled his apologies and all was fine again.

We put the pups up and took a brisk walk down to The Great Dane Pub for lunch and to catch the end of the UW football game. Then Ben and I headed home to pick up friend Rob to go second hand shopping. We were on a mission to find particular items but of course we found a treasure that we weren't looking for and that wouldn 't fit in the car so we came home, got alternate transport and went back over to pick it up. The treasure in question was a beautiful rustic branch chair like Rob's grandfather used to make. I'm so jealous because I just love it, but alas, there is no room at Chez Bee (and, as it turns out, in the Bee family vehicle) for it. I'm glad Rob got it so I can at least go visit it!

This morning friend Scott came over to pick me up and we went to his aunt's house for a visit and then out to breakfast. His aunt is an amazing lady. It was a pleasure to meet her and it's always a pleasure to spend time with Scott. The coconut pancakes weren't bad either!

Then it was back home to pick up Rob and hit another second hand store to see if we could find the things we couldn't find yesterday. Joey chaperoned this time to make sure we didn't come home with any more furniture. We just went there and back again since it's such a dreary dismal day today.

So all and all, lots of comings and goings. Ben was thrilled to meet his new fur bud and to have friends in to play tug of war with him and Sheldon Sheep off and on all weekend. He was equally thrilled when we curled up in our nest and took a well deserved nap! It was the perfect rainy November afternoon for it!

Hope you all had a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving weekend and that you have as many things to be grateful for as I do!

Next up: Yet another heretofore undiscovered superpower!


dale-harriet said...

Sounds wonderful - but why do either of you need a second hand? I know for a fact you both have two already!

OK - back to my novel. (I make an exception to writing to read whassup over here). NOTE: my word is "crodsep" I can't find my recipe for that, would you like to bring THAT along?

Cindy G said...

Oh my, that puppy is decidedly squee-able.

Lisa/knitnzu said...

So what IS IT that you're looking for??? (my captcha is "undes" hahahahaha)

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