Mt. Horeb Fall Festival

Took a break from my crazy work schedule and went to Mt. Horeb with friends Rob and Joey (above) on Saturday to their annual Fall festival. There was a little bit of everything, antiques, books, rope making, hay bale making, troll carving, carriage rides, crafts and good food. Here are some of the entries in the pumpkin decorating contest.

See the four part Seadragon? And I really liked this Artsy-Martha-Stewartesque Pumpkin.

And this Mt Horeb Troll Eating Pumpkin

Aside from work, I've been busy with my blogger celebrity status. They recently unveiled my new stamp

Even the cast of Friends reunited to be there!
But mostly I've just been hangin' with my best bud!

What have YOU been up to?


dale-harriet said…
Anyone tell you lately you're just WAAAY too much fun? OK - consider yourself told!
terri browne said…
Why didn't you invite me? I LOVE Friends!
Sara in WI said…
Have you been watching the "Gadget Guy" on Channel 3? Is that where you found the program to insert your pictures? You are a very clever person, Miss Molly Bee!
Cindy G said…
What a fun day! Love the pumpkins.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Crazy squash stuff! And I LOVE your new stamp!