Monday, September 14, 2009

Still More Bits and Bobs

Just got back from Madison Wordplayers group. We played a new one that the group test drove for the game company a while back. It was called Word On The Street. It was UBERFUN! If you're a word geek you'll love it. It's a great team game. I'm guessing it would be fun for as little as two people as well. The group plays at The Washington Island Coffee House in the back of Lakeside Fibers. I got there early with my knitting and was delighted to find a group of 'my peeps', old and new, to visit and knit with before the gaming festivities began.

I'm still on my 'finishing small projects' kick and completed this dragonfly washcloth last weekend. I had started it on Tuesday at DishCloth Night at The Ear:

I'm going to make a slightly different one in another color and give the two with a bar of nice soap as a gift.

Went to Jefferson Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday and showed remarkable self restraint. I limited myself to two items with a value of no more than $20 combined:

  • Small ball of cranberry colored roving so that friend-Anne and I can make felted popcorn and cranberry stings for the Christmas tree-$3
  • (And you guessed it....)4 ounces of melted peacock roving $12. (No pic right now but I'll get to it.)
  • Communing with 'yarn on the hoof' all afternoon-priceless! (Not to mention that sheep shearer guy. Is he HOT or what?)

All of those spinners and knitters inspired me to spin spin spin. I dug out this roving that I got recently in Maine:

It's called Blueberry Morning and reminds me of foggy berry barrens. I got half of it spun up yesterday in between all of the fall cleaning I did. Here is a shoddy picture. Ain't it purdy? It'll be two-ply lace weight when I finish. Destined for a scarf. And I think Mabel looks smashing in the pumpkin hat I also finished this weekend, don't you?.
Have a thing tomorrow night, Wednesday night and then Knit Night on Friday so production is apt to slow down some around here for the rest of the week. Next weekend and the weekend after are already booked. I'm actually looking forward to some snowy winter weather to sit around inside. Please don't throw that back in my face when I'm whining about self same snow along about January OK?

And as a Southern lady I once knew used to say..."I'm tard...oh so tard" so it's off to bed with my bad self and Mr. Ben who has an ear infection and has been lacking his chipperness the last couple of days.

And so Goodnight...


Cindy G said...

The sheep shearer guy is decidedly hot. I'm kind of surprised that Delores hasn't made her WI S&W debut long before now.

(Sorry I missed you, we were probably wandering about different parts of the grounds at the same time.)

MadCityMike said...

WHAT!! No photos of this HOT sheep shearer??? How in the world did I miss him? Oh.....being in the vendors buildings and class. Ok, it was legitimate mistake......

Lisa/knitnzu said...

You got out of a sheep and wool festival only $20 lighter? I'm impressed. And I DO NOT KNOW this hot sheep shearer... you are so bad for not sharing his hotness with the rest of us!!!!

Kitty Mommy said...

Definitely hot! Lucky for me, little Beeb was absolutely transfixed watching the "Baas" being sheared.

If Delores visited WI S&W, poor shearing dude wouldn't know what hit him!

YarnThrower said...

I hope Mr. Ben is feeling better by now. (I'm woefully behind in my blog reading -- been a rough couple of weeks at school, to be followed by another rough couple of weeks at school.) You sound well, busy, and industrious as usual!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I missed the hot sheep shearerer.

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