Bits and Bobs

If a four-leaf clover is good luck...what is this guy? I found him while I was strolling down by that nuclear power plant over by the chemical land fill. I had to fight a 14 # six-legged frog for him. Ah, the miracles of nature.
There has been knitting. Here is a pair of 'Fetching' fingerless gloves I finished last night. I love the picot top edge and the fun colors of the Mochi Plus. One ball makes a pair and I had about 3 yards left over. Kinda funky but instant gratification!
I made Monkey Bread the other night. Super easy and fun to make. My kids had never had it before. I had to giggle when I looked over at the treat table and they were all plucking bits off and eating them (much like a primate nit-picking party) and wondering aloud where the name "Monkey Bread" came from if there was no banana's or monkeys in it. Recipe is over on Molly Bee's Kitchen site.

Off to finish a Pumpkin Hat and count down the hours till the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson tomorrow! Have a great weekend!


Lisa/knitnzu said…
You can bring the monkeys at my house bread any time!

Got plans for that 3 yards? I've got that yarn ball going... so if you're going to toss it, slip it into the mail!! Nice mitts!
MadCityMike said…
I took the class "Color Blending on the Wheel" yesterday at the festival, from instructor Amy Tyler. It was a very good class!
I managed to not go "too" crazy with buying fiber stuff, but did succumb to buying 2 large skeins of Alpaca 2 ply yarn. Beautifully soft!!! Now to decide what I will be able to knit using it......I'm thinking of perhaps a vest for Don. Have any good patterns? ;)
That monkey bread totally looks like the kind of flavors I love. At Wis. Sheep and Wool I bought 1 hank of Alpaca and one of Sock yarn, and a present of fiber for a friend, but then that Elizabeth Morrison forced me to by another hank of sock yarn.