Adjusting The Sails Through The Storm

Adjusting the sails like crazy to keep up with the turbulent emotional winds, so no pithy commentary today. Just pics of finished projects to prove that I still exist:

Purple socks

I liked this Trekking XXL yarn a lot! It has every color in it!~

Here is a partial shot of a sock I am designing that incorporated beads and charms

The charm on the front says 'I (heart) 2 Knit' and has a little sheep

Design detail on the back of the ankle

UPDATE: Forgot these pics of my latest spinning. It's Blue-Faced but it spins up like buttery Merino!

And no post is complete without a gratuitous shot of my best friend and saving grace....

Mr. Ben


MadCityMike said…
The beaded socks are to be worn with sandals, right? Very cool yarns!
Cindy G said…
Good thing Bently is a canine, as today is "no cats on the internet" day.

The charming beaded socks are so cute!

(Hope there's a lull soon in whatever emotional winds are buffeting you.)
Michelle said…
Stunning socks!

I'm so glad you have Ben; our loving, accepting four-leged friends truly can be our saving grace!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
OMG that BFL is GEORGEOUS!!!!!

(nice socks too!)

Huggela Muggelas to you.
Mo said…
Both socks look gorgeous! What the is color number for the purple Trekking XXL sock yarn? I really like those socks.

Always happy to have a photo of Mr. Ben to gaze at during my work day. Hopefully, he did not have too many wild parties while you were on vacation. Or at least cleaned up any traces of leftover bones and (doggie?) beer.
Gorgeous socks. Looking forward to see that handspun bfl knit up.
DPUTiger said…
Very nice socks, and I hope Mr. Ben is taking very good care of you. Hang in there!
Elizabeth said…
That spinning is just amazing! Bee-U-tiful!