This Definitely Falls Into The 'Oh Crap' Department

I've been working on a cabled hat since last Friday.
I'm not especially good or quick at cables but was very pleased about how the hat was turning out. (Looks even better stretched out a little...even if it is weird colored Red Heart yarn!)
I made it through the 4 cable repeats and then went to decrease last night and discovered this....See the two rib rows without a cable in between? Oh Crap! How did I make it this far without noticing that!?!? So back to the frog pond and starting all over.

I did finish my 'Pink Squirrel' dishcloth from last week's Dish Cloth night at The Sow's Ear though. Don't know why it's an oblong diamond instead of a square but maybe it will miraculously change during use. (Kathy Cubed calls that 'interactive blocking"!) Or maybe it just looks like that because I've had too many pink squirrels! But really, is there such a thing as too many ice cream laced alcoholic drinks?! Speaking of miracles. I came home yesterday to discover another box on my doorstep. I didn't recognize the return address and eagerly opened it since lately I've been just hoping for a bomb! It was the exact opposite of a bomb. It was this magnificent shawl from Friend Anne's friend, Laurie. I've only met Laurie a couple of times, but she still made this for me and sent a lovely card about how she hoped it would bring me comfort. It certainly did, Laurie. I felt like I'd opened a box of warm hugs. It still amazes me how generous and kind people are just when you need it most. Isn't it beautiful!? I can never repay such kindness other than to pay it forward, which is what I'm trying to accomplish with the charity knitting. Now I think I will tuck a shawl or two away for friends in need as well. No words can describe the comfort....


Kitty Mommy said…
My skwerl is in a tall skinny diamond, too. Must be a "design feature."

See ya Friday night?
Cindy G said…
Love the "tipsy" squiddle.
YarnThrower said…
I love your idea about paying it forward! (There's some movie about that, too, right? Though I can't remember the name of it...but what a great concept!) Beautiful shawl.

Perhaps your question was rhetorical, though just in case you were really asking, the answer is NO, there is NO SUCH THING as too many ice cream laced alcohol drinks.

Hugs! And, don't forget that you are amazing!
Elizabeth said…
I thought the hat was fine. Not worth frogging for just one missing cable. As they say, design feature.
dale-harriet said…
Seems only right that you should be finding little treasures around you - they're all just expressions of how folks perceive you (i.e., "a little treasure") and where *I* come from, "little" is a compliment! By the way - hopin' you can make it to Late Night this week. I have an ulterior motive, and NO YOU WON'T GET IT OUTTA ME SO THERE! (oooh, I do have trouble keeping secrets, I'm going away now. nevermind.)
knitnzu said…
Alright Missy... Did you rip that hat yet? If not, don't! (ok, 'nuff of the bossiness...). I think it just adds to some of its charm... Lovely shawl! Lucky woman you!
I too like the hat with the 2 cables together. It looks like the front panel. I'm going to have to search my blog to find out what I meant by interactive blocking. Lordy, I should watch what I say. Thanks for the mention. I feel like one of the cool people now.

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