How To Recycle Your Old Rotary Phones

Friend Anne emailed this to me today! I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by posting it. I LOVE this. It made me smile. Look closely....these sheep are made of old phones and phone cords....right down to their widdle hoovies!
I wonder if their reception is good or Baaaaaaaad?
Can you herd me now!?!

♪♪♪ When I'm calling Eeeeewwwweeeeee?!?♪♪♪
Friend Anne asked me which one was the 'BELLwether'...get it? She's always on top of her game, Friend Anne; never just 'dials it in'. Come on...let's hear those sheep/phone puns!


DPUTiger said…
I'm terrible at puns, but OMG, that is AWESOME!

and I guess they don't need bells on their collars, do they?
cheesehead with sticks said…

I've seen the pictures before, but the puns make them even better!! Keep em rollin..
YarnThrower said…
But can we make yarn from them?

Very cute exhibit!
peaknits said…
Ewe have got to be kidding!? Love these. Bbbbring it on:)
Cindy G said…
That is so delightful! Do you have any idea where the original resides?

BTW Love, love, love your Franklin cartoon. It that the world's most perfect housewarming gift or what?
MadCityMike said…
VERY COOL! I 2nd the question....Where are theses beauties?
Riverknit said…
Didn't you feel a little sheepish about posting this? Although you are a lamb for doing so.
dale-harriet said…
I *think* they're somewhere in Australia; I've seen them before too but just LOVE 'em! I am dreadful at puns, but I do applaud you, Ms Bee ... (she wanders off, cackling)
Like Dale-Harriet and your other commenters, I am dreadful at puns. But I am braver.

They switched to push-mutton phones. That's why all the rotaries were available.