Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Feathering The Nest

There has been little knitting content this week. Bentley and I have been busy setting up our new digs. I did do another charity hat and am working on the matching scarf but don't have pics of them yet.

Here are some pics of our new pad though. I told my Mum I'd take some and I was afraid they might swamp her email so I am posting them here. So if you Knitterly Types (you know who you are) keep reading expecting yarn-ey excitement, you've been warned.

Mum, you can biggify the pics by clicking on them twice.

Kitchen with Ben's butt as he tucks in to a kibble dinner I lovingly prepared for him.

Another one of kitchen and breakfast bar. The sink and dishwasher are on the other side of the bar. That's a utility/coat closet with the brown wood door and the entryway on the way right.
Left living room wall. That end table is like that because it will have a love seat sitting next to it once it's off back order!
New sofa and right side of living room.
Looking toward hallway to kitchen and bath/laundry room. (Can't see photo's of them yet, they're not done!)
Really bad one of the living room, but wanted you to get a sense of the view outside.
We now return you to your usual programming. Stay tuned for tales of how Bentley is coping with his new Citronella Anti Bark Training Collar!


knitnzu said...

Yes, yes, yes, let us know how that collar works... I've been thinking about getting a couple for your dogs at my house.

peaknits said...

I'm so glad you are getting settled - and Bentley too - sweet guy will be so much company - good luck with that collar!

YarnThrower said...

Thank you for the great tour! I've been wondering how your move went, and I can't believe how much work you've put in already to make the place look so nice. (Also, not a box in sight! Very impressive!)

DPUTiger said...

Looking fabulous so far! I started my blog so my mom could see what I was up to when I was in Los Angeles and she was in Pittsburgh. Love the virtual tour! :)

Mum said...

Love it!
Great job, well done.
Thanks for the tour, and the lovely picture of Bentley doing what he does best! He's a sweetheart.

Cindy G said...

Wow! You've made a lot of progress. Warmest wishes for the new nest.

MadCityMike said...

I'm happy to see that the move went well and that you somewhat settled in. Moving is no fun but sure rewarding after everything is unpacked and it becomes home.
Happy New Home!

slimsdotter said...

I came here from Dale-Harriet's blog, intending to lurk and leave. But I have been laughing all day over the joke of the Rapture Roof. Thanks!
I guess your life is in transition right now. Best wishes to you for that. Maybe a bumpersticker: WWCAPD (what would crazy aunt purl do)

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