Sock-O-Rama To Beat The Blues

Taking a cue from Crazy Aunt Purl, I am using my knitting these days to cope with a breakup. Yup. Mr. Bee and I are splitting up after 18 years. Shocked and awed? Yeah, me too. And devastated... etc. etc. etc. So as soon as I could get out of the fetal position and stop crying long enough to see the needles, I started to knit socks like a woman possessed. I must be doing better 'cause for a while there I couldn't do any knitting. I was kind of walking comatose but now I'm back in the swing of things.

This first pair is knit from "Opal" that I got at the 'Sow's Ear's 25% off anything with purple in it' a while back. Talk about my kinda sale!

And this is the first sock from some Socketta (that stuff made with chitin, the antibacterial protein from seafood shells) I got at the same sale.
You have to look close but there is purple in there. My lighting isn't so great tonight.

Sock #2 gets cast on tonight whilst I spend the evening with the puppies and Dr. Who.

Tomorrow is Last Saturday knitting which I'm really looking forward to. I couldn't make the last one and really miss my peeps over at Victor Allan's. Anyway, looks like I'm back in the saddle with the blog thing. Thanks for your patience and all of your well wishes! You guys rock!


Mel said…
Uff! So sorry to hear that. Having been there (not for as long a relationship, but still, when there's joint property/lives involved it's always messy), I can at least say that things get better eventually.
sheila said…
Wow! I was taken a back by the news. I hope that all goes well with everything that lies ahead. I am sure that soon enough you will be able to breathe again and start fresh!
Anonymous said…
Good to see you back. I'm proud of you... Mum
Kitty Mommy said…
I love the striping on the single sock! See you tomorrow!

Does it make me a bad person that when I saw this I thought of you (and giggled)?
DPUTiger said…
I will pick my jaw up off the floor, then give you a great big hug (((MOLLY BEE))) then say "cool socks!"

Like I said before the silence, we're here to listen to whatever you need to talk/write about! Hang in there!
YarnThrower said…
I am so sorry!

I'm glad you're back in the blog world, and I wish for you the best. You're awesome!
MadCityMike said…
Welcome back, Molly Bee! Your strength will grow daily (in all aspects).
Good to see you blogging again......
Cindy G said…
We are so with you, and pulling for you. See you later today.
Crys said…
My heart hurts for you. There is one quote I always think of when I'm having a hard time and it usually helps, mostly because it makes me giggle a bit. "What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger."

Your socks are beautiful. Now I'll be going back to lurking.
knitnzu said…
Crys must've been reading your mind, eh? Keep your chin up and know you are wonderful and worthy. Send me your mailing address would you?
I am always sorry to hear of a break-up, especially one that sounds like it wasn't wanted by you. Glad you are knitting again; wish I could offer something comforting! A cyberhug?

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