Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Today was a good day for me. They aren't always at this stage in the game, but it seems that every time I go to a knitting group I feel a little more human. Today's group was Last Saturday Knitting at Victor Allen's. I still had to fight to get myself out the door but 2 minutes after I got there, I felt fine. Elizabeth, Jen-with the Beeb in tow, Cindy, Linda, Laura (whom I haven't seen in a crow's age) and a new friend that I hadn't previously met, Faith, were all working on wonderfully inspiring projects while I just went round and round on my simple sock because that's all my brain can handle these days. Good iced coffee drinks and great does a body good.

I was telling them that The Sow's Ear is doing a new thing on the 4th Monday of the month. From 6:00 p.m. to closing, you bring your needles, and they will supply the yarn and patterns to knit things for charity. I think I'll head down that way on Monday after work. Since it will be my first day back in the office after six week on surgical leave, I don't know how much use I'll be, but I'll give it a try. Sounds like a worthy cause if I've ever heard one.

I was also telling them that I discovered a 'new' (to me) online knitting magazine called Knit On The Net which was kinda cool. I think I read about it on Ravelry (where I am MollyBeez if you'd like to 'friend' me). I haven't had time to look through all the archives, but saw several patterns that I liked. Check it out if you have time.

Guess I'll got sit out back with the pups. It's cooling off nicely and it's fun to watch my two 75 pounders run in terror from the 8 week old chocolate lab pup next door! No joke, they are both (but especially Ben of course) terrified of her. It's hysterical. They won't get closer than ten feet from here and when crawls on her belly towards them, totally submissive, they bark and run as far away as they can get. Brave watch dogs-both of 'em. You'd think it would be that tiny little bundle of fur that would be terrified of the giants that live next door not the other way around!

Hope your Saturday night is as entertaining!


DPUTiger said…
I'm so glad you have the pups to entertain you. I love watching the 8 mo. old yellow lab on one side of my house play with the 6 yr old black lab on the other side. Mia (black lab) plays great with Sidney (yellow) but when Mia gets tired, she just knocks Sid over and "sits" on her. It's hysterical.

So glad you have your knitting groups! :)
Linda L. said…
I didn't want to be nosy (and hadn't read your previous post) but I kinda guessed what was going on. What can I say. Life sucks.

I'm glad we could be there for you, if only for a while. You know if anyone can make you laugh, it's us Last Saturday Knitters. It may not heal every hurt, but a periodic dose of fiber, friendship, and frappuchino sure feels good. So, if you need a fix, you know where to find us...
YarnThrower said…
I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. (I hope that doesn't sound too patronizing...though I think I **AM** a little bit older than you :-) Anyway, if anything similar ever happens to me (and watching the lives of several of my friends the past two years, it is clear that anything is possible), I'm going to call you up for advice on how to move on with grace and dignity. You are such a delightful person to converse with, so it is quite clearly your Mr.'s big loss, though I am so glad you are taking care of yourself and feel empowered to make your new life. You are amazing! Continued strength to you!
knitnzu said…
I'm glad the puppers are with you too. They are so patient with us!
Anonymous said…
Your duo are great watch doggies. They don't have to be ferocious to be good watch doggies. Just alert you when something nears! :o)

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