Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quick Update

My cold is doing much better. Thanks to all for the good wishes and suggested remedies. Mr. Bee now has it as well but we're both getting a little better each day. It's supposed to be -1,000° this weekend so it'll be a good time to hunker down, stay inside, drink lots of tea and finish healing! I even went to get groceries tonight so I don't have to do it this weekend.

We had a belated Christmas last night with friends and they gave me (drum roll please....) NORO SOCK YARN! In my favorite color! Melted peacock! I had just started knitting a pair of red and purple Bear Mountain socks with a new 'mini bamboo' stitch pattern from the Vogue Stitchonary that my Mum got me for Christmas. I was really enjoying it until I got the Noro. Now I'm knitting as fast as I can just to be done with it and get started on my new yarn! I've already got another new stitch pattern picked out!

I also finished spinning up the singles that I've had on Mabel for a while. I couldn't spin for a while because of my ankle but I whipped up the rest of the singles with no apparent problems and have started plying it. Hopefully I'll get some photos up this weekend.

Taking all 16 kids out to lunch tomorrow for a belated holiday bash. Lunch at The Stables at Quivey's Grove and a Yankee Swap gift exchange. I've been arranging temporary phone coverage and all of the other details that will allow us to leave the company grounds for an hour and a half all week long and I'm already exhausted. Shepherding them to and from the restaurant and getting them all to order and eat and swap gifts ought to finish me off. One of the side effects of this stupid virus is extreme fatigue. I doubt if I'll make Knit Night at The Ear tomorrow.

Off to watch the rest of the Mythbusters. I just caught them doing a myth about sneezing with your eyes open that was one of the drop-dead funniest things I've seen in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the stables today.
Sounds like D. hit the nail on the head with your Christmas gift! Peacock blue and Yarn.. all in one fell swoop!

YarnThrower said...

So glad you're feeling better, and I hope hubby will be better very soon, too. I finally went back for more antibiotics (since mine has been dragging on for something like six weeks), and after three days, I'm doing immensely better... Enjoy your yarn! (Is that redundant?)

Cindy G said...

Oooh Quiveys Grove, yummy! Hope you had fun with the kids (and that they didn't get too out of line *G*).
Bet the Noro socks will be gorgeous.

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