It Wasn't Baaaa-d!!

Lord People, I swear I will eat anything. I ate horse in Kazakhstan. (No, I don’t want to talk about it.) And now I’ve consumed goat at an Indian Restaurant on the West Side (Swagat at the corner of Old Sauk and High Point). And though I am an animal lover and sort of disgusted with myself, I really liked it. Goat just seems in a cuter class than the other animals I consume or something.

Mr. Bee and I had never had Indian food before so we went with friends to try it and one of the dishes at the buffet was curried goat so what was I going to do? I got through it by pretending it was one of the goats responsible for my unfortunate fall into a big hole at the Marshfield Memorial Day Parade a couple of years ago *. [Never let it be said that I will not get even. You won’t know where and you won’t know when Mr. Goat…. But revenge will be mine! Bwaaahahahahah!] . But, that said, I’m drawing the line at house pets. Well, for now. I swear to God if Bentley eats one more coaster I may have to revisit that rule (with fava bean and a nice Chianti!) but for now …goat is as low as I will go on the mammal food chain.

There were lots of things other than goat and I liked most of that too; lots of veggie dishes and though spicy it was just the right amount of spice. I am slowly making friends with chickpeas. They just look like they should be crunchier. Goat was the only ‘exotic’ thing on the menu thank goodness! The food wasn’t hot spice and I didn’t spend the afternoon in ‘the reading room’ afterward, so I’d definitely do Indian cuisine again. The real chai tea from there is to die for!

Then you wanna know what I did? I celebrated SPRING. It’s 32° and sunny today. YAY! After two weeks of cold that would make the penguins in the Antarctic consider migration, it warmed up and the sun came out. We took Ben to the dog park for an hour where he romped with about 6,000 of his closest friends whose humans all had the same idea. Then I came home and went for a WALK! A real one! For thirty minutes! OUTSIDE! I KNOW! Heel goiter be damned! And ya know what else I coughed up the $5.99 and bought me 10 gorgeous hot pink TULIPS at the grocery store too! Put them right on the kitchen table in a light pink vase with my Valentine teapot centerpiece. I really didn’t realize what a cabin-fever crazed grump I had become until today when I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

My mood actually started lifting when I got out for a few hours yesterday afternoon to go to Last Saturday Knitting. I wait for that all month. I love Knit Night at the Sow’s Ear but that has a whole different flavor. There are so many people that it’s like a party atmosphere and it’s hard to hear to talk much. I love Saturday Knitting for just the opposite reason; the smallness of the group, the quiet and the wit and intelligence of the attendees: Elizabeth, Dale-Harriet, Linda, Cindy and Laura. I swear there is no topic we won’t tackle. They are open-minded, thoughtful and generous. What a gift; this lovely group of women. I’m lucky to have stumbled across them and have them in my life.

I finished one of my Mountain color socks and am halfway done with the leg of the other. The Noro Sock yarn is so close to my sweaty little needles I can almost feel it! Can’t wait to get started. BossMan gave me a $25 gift certificate to Borders so I finally went and bought Charlene Schurch’s second sock book. I am salivating over the stitch patterns. Between that and the Vogue Stitchonary…..what to pick? What to pick? We should all have such problems as mine today!

*See post for Monday June 5, 2006


knitnzu said…
I think I've had goat at an Indian restaurant. I might have horse if pressed (as in I would totally offend my hosts in another country and cause some sort of international incident), but I don't think I could do dog... I know how they (Koreans for one, not sure who else) prefer to prepare it, and it's not at all nice. Glad your cabin fever grump has subsided... I've been in all weekend, parked on the couch, fending off a big bad cold. Hoping rest will knock it back!
dale-harriet said…
{fanning self} Lawsy me, Miss Molly, I'm all aflutter at having been included (when the towering fact is that it is *I* who feels no end of flattered to be included in the delightful group (I love seeing all the "real" knitting going on, and admiring it). I'll have to take the daughter and try that place, I'm intrigued. Goat? Hmmm...maybe. I'm afraid I tend to draw the line at Bambi and Thumper, but I've had alligator. Feh!
Cindy G said…
I've had goat once or twice. A goat is really just a smarter, more sociable sheep. Oh dear, maybe that's not such a good arguement in favor of eating them.
YarnThrower said…
YAY for the return of better moods! I know we've been struggling with that here, too. And, I, too, feel fortunate to be part of such a nice group of ladies! Hmmmm....I remember discussing that same sock book where was that?
Elizabeth said…
Cindy's comment just cracked me up!

I had goat milk once. Does that count?

MollyBee, we're just so happy that you joined the group. What a fun bunch.
Linda L. said…
Well, I just have to add my 2¢ worth - I feel blessed as well to be a part of our group. And to think I was so nervous to join a knitting group! All of the laughter and friendship I would have missed. I cherish the time we spend together each month.

I'm glad you liked the restaurant - Dear Jay and I will have to try it soon.
Linda L. said…
p.s. - probably the most exotic things I've eaten are rabbit (greasy) and shark (kind of bland). But Dear Jay once had a squirrel salad sandwich!
peaknits said…
Well, let's hope Bentley doesn't eat another coaster - ha! I am so with you on the weather - I have been telling people all weekend, I'm just plain pissed aabout the weather now - enough already. Yesterday was a nice break but I have this sad feeling we may be back to square one tonight...hope me and the weatherman are just WRONG!
Mel said…
Did you know that goat is the most commonly consumed meat worldwide? Back in my long-gone meat-eating days, I tried an awful lot - including pig testicles, squirrel heart, and roast bear - but I never ate horse or goat. Fortunately, Indian food provides lots of scope for avoiding either. You should definitely keep your eyes open for some South Indian food, though. Most Indian restaurants serve northern cuisines, and the southern stuff is very different - almost always vegetarian, best eaten with the hands, and very tasty (though usually fairly spicy).