Wee-ah Hee-ah, Dee-ah!

We made it to Northern Maine with surprisingly few glitches given the state of the airlines these days. The biggest problem that we had on the whole trip was the fact that we couldn't tilt the driver's seat back on the rental car, thus forcing the 6'6" Mr. Bee to sit upright, cramming his head into the ceiling of the car, giving him a wicked case of static cling head. He also couldn't lean back far enough to see the entire speedometer. He only knew how fast he was going if his speed was between zero and 30, or 80-100 mph. The rest of the dial was obscured by the dash overhang. So I co-piloted from the passenger seat.

It snowed the first two days we were here. Not a lot. I guess they got more down in 'tropical Maine' (south of Bangor), but up here it was two full days of snow-globe snow that dithered about in the air before settling into a 2-3 inch powdery layer. Today is brilliantly sunny and the snow on the ground and trees is sparkling like diamonds. I spent some pleasant time this morning sitting in a kitchen chair looking out the sliding glass door at the Christmas card like scene; the snow, the pines, blue jays, woodpeckers, cardinals and red squirrels. Mum asked me what I was doing and I told her, "Watching Animal Planet." There are bird feeders in the back yard and they're always busy!

Saw two moose yesterday on the way back from Christmas shopping. I think it was a mother and yearling. They are godawful big anytime you see them, but they look even bigger against the new snow. Just gawjus, Deah!


knitnzu said…
So are you out in the County someplace? Guess I'm in the tropics in Augusta heah. Can you make it to Brunswick Saturday late afternoon? email me if yes, I'll get you details
kirs said…
Just curious as to where in Maine you are - My best friend is from Grand Lake Stream.
dale-harriet said…
If you see a greenish glow from the west at dusk - it's ME, downright foul with jealousy. I do SO love Maine; we aspire to move there. It'll probably be in our next lives, this one we're Wisconsinites. Your description is wonderful - it's almost as good as a photo and thank you for it! Moose - there's an animal. Seems to me (as it does to the native Americans) the Creator made two animals that just LOOK like stores -- moose and buffalo. To see them is to see rich meat, strong bones for tools, sinew for thread, hooves for glue, toes for rattles, skin for lodges and clothing and moccasins...brains to tan them with - even eyeballs to set the paints for the lodge walls. They both look cumbrous but I find both having a rare beauty. (Hope you greeted the moose) :o)
Cindy G said…
Wow, moose, I'm in awe. Though I admit I have never visualized them in quite the way Dale-Harriet does...

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