Living The Dream

Have you had the dream? You know, the one where you somehow forgot to dress and show up at your high school one morning clad only in your flannel grannie nightie and piggie slippers? Then you spend the rest of the night trying to act like that was what you intended to wear; that you were making a fashion statement rather than exhibiting the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Now I know that the young whipper-snappers coming up today think nothing of sporting their jammies to school or the mall or whatever. I’ve seen ‘em around. But in my day, if you showed up anywhere sportin’ your Underoos, well then Lucy, you had some ‘splaining to do!

So after spending the day ill, I rallied, showered and changed my actual sleep gear (ratty old t-shirt) for a stylin’ pair of red,flannel jammie pants, elegantly covered in cavorting penguins and my pink, plush, piggie slippers, Hank and Lefty and headed for the Sow’s Ear for late night knit night. It was to be a sleepover, but after the day I’d put in, I was only going to be able to put in a few hours. Nonetheless, I wanted to ‘fit in’ by wearing my boudoir ensemble. To support the cause you know? So I get there and there is one other person, besides Deb the barista, there. Molly is sitting in the corner, spit-splicing yarn together for an amazing Kaffe vest she is working on. And she’s wearing regular street clothes. Not only do I now look like an idiot, I am outclassed in the knitting department as well. Heavy sigh…such is my life.

But I decide to make the best of it. Even if I am the only piggie, penguin wearing chick in the room, I will make it work somehow. Chin up, I got my hot chocolate and sat down to start in on a pair of the most hideous socks known to man. Seriously. Even more disturbing than the green striped socks I made a while back. There are colors in there that are heretofore unknown to man and should never be put side by each. But I digress. Soon folks begin to trickle in. No one else is in jammies. Crap. But I don't let on that I'm feeling like a big penguin, piggie sportin' dork. Then, my salvation…Heather, the manager shows up in her jammie pants and puppy slippers! Hank and Lefty were ecstatic and I was much relieved. As the evening wore on a few other brave souls showed up in jammie pants and the pressure was off. I sat back and enjoyed the knitting, snacks and company; Dale Harriet and lovely daughter, Chocolate Sheep Beth and new friend Kitty Mommy and her darling so, the I-man. What a great night!

Mr. and Bentley Bee came to pick me up at 10:30. I was wiped out and the party had just begun. I heard that a couple of hearty souls even made it all night with Heather. Hopefully there will be another all nighter next winter. If there is, Hank, Lefty and I are in for the whole enchilada!


DPUTiger said…
My favorite quilt shop in LA had a "Moonlight Madness" sale every August where you got an extra 10% off if you wore your jammies. There was always a woman there who had First Family (Bush 41) slippers. George in bed on one foot, Babs in bed on the other one.

I tried fuzzy slippers a few times, but this is California in August and it got toooo hot too quick! Glad you had fun!
Elizabeth said…
So sorry I couldn't make it. My sinuses are winning the war, though, so staying home was the right thing to do. I have some fabric I've been planning to turn into jammies and really need to get on that, as my favorite pair of pajama pants is getting pretty ratty. Maybe I'll find time (and space!) to sew this week.
Kitty Mommy said…
Well, I thought wearing your PJs was completely cool. If it hadn't been my first late night knit, I definitely would have worn mine. I tried to bring my slippers, but I could only find one. Besides, the Beeb LOVED the color!!
dale-harriet said…
Ah, MollyB, your jammies were MUCH more stylin' than my Rugged OutdoorsMAN ones (I buy little boy jammies because a) they fit; b) they have pockets; c) they're cheaper than girlie ones. (Insert rant here about not enough pockets in ladyclothes.) But the Piggy Slippers? Now, THAT was one Class Act, outdone by NONE. You looked fab, my dear, fab. Sorry to hear you were a tad under the weather, but seeing that Elizabeth was too, I guess I'm not surprised that *I* am battling Yucchy today. Daughter and I managed until 3:30 a.m. -- if I hadn't had to be at the Museum...clad as an 18th century Indian woman (and at least semi-conscious) I'd like to think I'd have been there to greet the dawn. But you know? The older I get, the harder that is...........
knitnzu said…
What, no pictures?? I think those in street clothes were probably jealous of #1 your comfortable clothes and #2 your comfort with yourself that you could wander out in pjs. I was out and about today, in pac boots, thinking how much I love Maine where this footwear just about qualifies as dress shoes.

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