Vacation Update

Well, Mum's headed back to Maine. She was here for two weeks and we thoroughly enjoyed her. We did a few things like going to the casino, a dinner theater, a Lake Monona beer and pizza cruise, and Madison's Parade of Homes. We went hiking a bit, went to the movies (Evan Almighty was GREAT!), watched movies at home and played Phase 10. I got a little over half of a wavy scarf knit and she did the leg and heel of a sock. She even got to go to Knit Night with me and meet the gang. She also helped me with Mr. Bee's graduation party a couple of weekends ago. I will sorely miss her. I don't get to see her often enough or spend enough time with her.

Ben will miss her too. As all good grandmothers, she was an unending source of kisses and snuggles as well a new patsy to throw the ball over and over again.

Will try and get a good picture of the wavy scarf tomorrow when I get myself back together. I'm busy right now feeling sorry for myself that I live so far away from 'home'....Here is a photo of our hiking trip to Pewet Falls in Baraboo, WI to tide you over...

(Click on it for a larger view. Gorgeous spot!)


peaknits said…
Glad that your mom's visit was so awesome! I need to know more about a beer and pizza cruise! And can't wait to see Evan Almighty - as an Office Junkie - it's a must!
Elizabeth said…
I always wish I could spend more time with my mom, too. My folks are in NH, so almost as far.

Is Pewet Falls in Devils Lake Park? Or in Palfrey's Glen? I don't know that spot, but it looks gorgeous.
Sister Sue said…
Wow! Gorgeous photo. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your mom. When my mom left after being here for five weeks (to meet and greet the new baby and provide a helping hand), I definitely felt her absence. Indanna (where she lives now) seems VERY far away sometimes.

Hopefully you'll get back to Maine sometime soon? Right now it's about a million degrees with humidity that makes the air feel like maple syrup.