Oh Jeez! Doggie Dents and EZ Ain't Easy

Not much time for writing, what with wrangling the two yahoos. Took them out back for some tennis ball therapy the other morning and they collided. Grendel emitted a yelp and started limping terribly. We decided that if he was still limping at lunch then we would take him to the vet. Lunchtime came. The limp was even more pronounced. Greeeaaat. Grendel is my Boss' dog. I killed his bonsai tree last time he went on vacation. Things were not looking up for this dog caring thing to be my redemption.

Took him to the vet and he wouldn't limp for her. He'd walk perfectly normally (all the while looking over his shoulder, smirking at me and whispering in a sing-song doggie voice "$60 bucks for nothing....$60 bucks for nothing..."). She said that they won't show weakness in a strange place, even if it really hurts, if they can help it. She checked him over and pronounced him fine-just a pull. She put him on doggie Tylenol and told us to make sure he rests for the next few days. Riiiiiiggggggght. He and Ben run around jumping on each other and pretending to eat each other's face off. How were we going to keep him still and calm? As it turns out, Ben recognized that his bud wasn't feeling 100% so he backed off and settled for licking him almost continuously for 3 days until the limp went away. He seems fine now. If I can just keep him whole and uninjured for 4 more days I might keep my job after all!

I've been working on an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. I'll be surprised if it looks anything like a jacket when I get done alright! I'm working from the original instructions and they are sketchy at best. I'm a row-by-row instruction kind of girl. I need to know how many stitches I will have on each row and how many rows I need to knit. I need a marker to increase and decrease by. In other words I have very little clue what I'm doing. Maybe I'd better stay on the porch until I am more equipped to run with the big knitting dogs. I don't think I'm up to knitting with the EZ crowd yet! I'd better stick to my old stand by scarves and socks until I can take Amy D's class on the dang thing!


Elizabeth said…
I've never done the baby surprise, but it does look like a complicated bit of knitting architecture.

Hope the dogs will settle down for you!
YarnThrower said…
You're allowed a marker or two while you're making the baby surprise sweater! I used some, anyway, and much to my "surprise"!, I was able to eventually figure out which edges are supposed to be sewn together. The real question is, How on earth did she ever figure it out to begin with??!! It looks wonky for a while, so be brave, and it will probably work out okay for you!