I'm Thinking I Should Give Up Coffee

I just got a cup of coffee from our vending machine. It overfilled the cup and some spilled on my right hand when I tried to get it out. It was very hot. I got it to my desk and went to set it down and more spilled; this time on my left hand, causing me to jerk, thus spilling a whole lot more. After I mopped up, I settled in with the remaining third of a cup of coffee, to catch up on Franklin's blog. I had just taken a gulp when I got to the 'Quaker dirty bomb' part and most of it came out my nose. I'm thinking I should hang up th hot liquid consumption for the day before I permanently injure myself.

Still no picture of the Wavy Scarf, I know. I will post one this weekend. I promise. I actually had to rip back a ways and am hopelessly lost as to what row I'm on....Hopefully I can figure that out this weekend too. I'm not taking it to Knit Night that's for sure. I had to rip the whole thing out after I worked on it there last time. "Worked' being a relative term. It's a fairly easy pattern but with a 44 row repeat, I got to socializing and...well, you know how that goes. I'm taking a sock this time. Knitting round and round and round is more conducive to my Knit Night attention span.

Speaking of Knit Night...we were weren't we? The new owners are having it every other week this summer! Yahoo!!! I loves me some Knit Night! Now I get a double dose! Although I believe I will be forgoing the coffee drinks this evening unless they are iced.

I worked a little more on my miniature paper-pieced quilt last night. It was good to get down to the basement quilting room where it's cool. It's sixteen Flying Geese blocks with 20 pieces each. Each square is about 4". I'm using some of my Ricky Tim's hand dyed fabrics and I'm pretty happy with it so far. Especially since I succesfully made 4 squares without cutting off the 1/4 inch seam allowance like I did on my first try. Will try and post a picture of that this weekend too.

Since I can't possibly post an entry without Bentley in it....he has learned a new skill. When we come home, he greets us in the kitchen with a 'smile'. To the uninitiated, it might look like he's getting ready to wind up and either eat you or at the very least, sneeze all over you, but he's not. He just picks up his whole top 'lip' and smiles for a second or two while madly wagging his tail. I am so in love with that big goof! Can't tell can you?


peaknits said…
Thank you for the link to Franklin's blog - what a hoot! Your dog just sounds like comic relief all the time - what a great guy!