Opening Day-Welcome!

Welcome to my Blog!
I was so inspired by Brooke over at DrunkenMonkeyKnits that I thought I'd finally give this blogging trend a try. I've kept journals since I was able to write. I do a lot of crafting and other fun things that I wanted to share with friends and family...and anyone else who stumbles here. So this seemed like a perfect hybred of the two!

I've got a lot of work to do to learn how this all works, how to post photos etc. so please be patient.

Here are some of the basics:

*My husband and I live in Verona, WI. I'm originally from Maine; he from Milwaukee.

*He loves gaming, NASCAR, football and all things computer related.

*I love reading, cooking, walking, nature (particularly any body of water), animals (both wild and domestic) and all things craft related.

*Together we love geocaching, movies, playing board/card games and playing with our furbabies; Sebastian the bossy, black cat, Sneakers the cantankerous bunny and Wee Fergus the small, white, decreped dog.

*I currently have half a zillion unfinished craft projects in the works. We are on a self-imposed hobby diet until August. No buying. Only finishing what we have started.

Despite the fact that this first entry is less than amazing, I hope you'll check back as I get more in the swing of things!