Consistent If Not Exciting

Two days in a row! Still no photos but I'm working on it!

There's an office supply show at work today. Complimentary Post-It's and Sharpies for Molly Bee! I loves me some free samples!! Seriously... how sad am I that almost nothing excites me more than new pens and paper! I got more free stuff than I could lug back upstairs. Later they are sponsoring a free lunch and prize drawing for the bigger stuff...Wrist rests, Day Planners....Lordy it's better than Christmas.

Scotti B. and I will be settling in for some serious t.v. watching tonight. We are American Idol fanatics. I have been rooting for Taylor ever since I saw his first audition. If you can't reach us tonight it's because I will be dialing in my votes for my Tay Tay after the show!

Knitting: I'm working on socks right now-peanut butter and jelly color scheme (actually KnitPicks 'Vineyard'). I'll put up a photo soon. This is the first time that I have consciously tried to make identical socks out of self-striping yarn. Up until now they have all been 'fraternal' twins, the stripes never matched up. First sock is finished and I'm turning the second heel now-so far so good!

A coworker gave me enough organic rhubarb for a pie this morning. I absolutely love my Mum's recipe that has a few raisins in it to take the edge off. I'm going to try it tonight with Splenda. Everyone need a good piece of rhubarb pie in the spring. I will try and outwit the Diabetes Gods on this one. Haven't tried Splenda in cooking yet-just on my coffee and cereal. Will letcha know.


Anonymous said…
Taylor's going down! Nah....I think he's a shoe in to win it.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Mollie Bee, I saw your house being built, and I happen to know that you have no attic!
Anonymous said…
Mollie Bee's blog is a killer bee! In California brats are somebody elses kids that are a bother not something you eat! (Well, sometimes!)